Define the issue and why it is something worthy of protest.

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Protection of the Islamic Faithful


Instruction is attached. THIS IS NOT A PAPER. Prepare a speech for"Protest". Subject can be current issues. Must include evidences.

You will be giving a rhetorical “solution” by offering a protest to a situation. Then you will give the pre-keynote protest speech to the crowd to inspire them to join you in this very important mission using the components below. Some will be offered as a moving “ speech” and some will be identified as the components of the protest that you offer to your committee in order to gain support.

Please break them down accordingly. In other words, #4 is something you would not put in the speech but would discuss with your committee. You will do that component first, then move into the speech as though you are at the protest, giving us the time, place, and information about the placards, and such so we know your positional location.

  1. Define the issue and why it is something worthy of protest.
  2. Give background on anything done in the past that you are aware of in the world.
  3. Offer an overview of the salient points of what you hope to accomplish by protesting.
  4. How far are you willing to go with this protest? (being chained together, having signs, staying overnight, being jailed, or anything else?)
  5. Where will you hold this protest?
  6. What is the opposite view of your protest and how is it seen in the public eye?
  7. How will you protect your protestors?
  8. How long (time-wise: hours, days, months, years) are you willing to take a stand on this issue?
  9. How will you recruit protestors?
  10. Are there any perceived limits to how individuals, through rhetoric and performance, can effect social change. In other words, do you believe enough in your position to think that institutionalized political action is possible to social change?
ProtestName:InstitutionProtection of the Islamic FaithfulThe issue and its importance The Islam religion has been subject to criticism concerning its support for terrorism. Critically, the accusations are demeaning to ensure that the Muslim faith loses its significance over other religions; hence, reducing the chances by which others may adapt the faith. After evaluating the political diversion from the Capitalists’-Communists’ issues, it is evident that the Western society led by America presumed to address issues in Asia, Middle East, and North Africa as ones threatening global peace (Haddad & Harb, 2014). An account of past events concerning the issueCoincidentally, the recent invasions into the regions stir a thought, and one can easily identify that the nations were seeking more than terrorists and restoration of human rights in the regions. Therefore, the society should understand that the U.S.A and other Western allies’ invasion into Muslim dominated nations is a disguised approach to hinder the growth of the Muslim religion (Ossewaarde, 2014). Secondly, the countries’ rich mineral deposits have turned to become the invaders` own property. An overview of the salient points to accomplish by protestingThe protest will address the issues exhorted by the allied political powers against the Muslim population inhabiting the countries accused of condoning terrorism. The Western crusaders have articulated their invasion to the eradication of terrorism while the society is knowledgeable of the ongoing atrocities committed against the affected countries’ citizens. Examples of the countries facing similar issues are the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. The depth of the protestsThe protests` purpose is to ensure that the Western nations reconsider their political activities in the Muslim nations (Ossewaarde, 2014). Therefore, the protest will not be subject to a stipulated period; hence, the protesters will be acting for vital importance of change towards the Muslim counterparts facing unjust trea...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions