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Social Psychology

Instructions for report outline: (1) Introduce Subject-"Discrimination and Stereotyping-Why it is important to you as the author of the paper. Define the subject matter. Talk about its relevance in today`s society. Include research (what has been published (Journal article or Newspaper Article). See attached articles only. (2) Film Correlation to subject matter- Introduce the film you chose (12 Angry Men see attachments) (name, written by, and produced by year).Explain what you intend to demonstrate using this film (relationship between examples) in film and the subject you chose such as: (Acts of Discrimination). Be sure to use terminology, the text book and outside resource. (3)Inconclusion or final thoughts-close your paper with self reflective thoughts, impressions, and descriptions of issue of discrimination. (4) Reference page-(APA style Cited). additional Instructions:for "12 Angry Men" and subject title of discrimination and sterotyping, report: 1.APA style (running head not needed) 2.Reference page-(Do not double space this page) 3.Double-space (Body of Report) 4. 12" Font/Times New Roman 5.Sources to use in report: (1)Social Psychology 13th edition by: Robert A. Baron and Nylar r. Branscombe (text book) (2)Defending Discrimination By: James E. Miller, Dated: July 9, 2011 (article) www.american (3)The impact of stereotyping by Leigh Goessi, Created on: October 28, 2007, Last updated:July 02, 2008 (article) (Where knowledge rules) 6. Report should be 5 pages. Reference page is separate page. (6th page) 7. No wikipedia sources 8. My sources need to be used only and cited.(which are) 1.Social Psychology 13th Edition by: Robert A. Baron and Nyla R.Branscombe (text book) 2.Defending Discrimination By: James E. Miller Dated: July 9, 2011 ( 3.The impact of sterotypinh by Leigh Goessi, Created on October 28, 2007 last updated: July 2, 2008 ( - (Where knowledge rules) (9) Do not use "Bullets" in report when typing (10) This is an example of how the report should start off: "in this paper I`ll be talking about "Discrimination and stereotyping and comparing these topics to the film "Twelve Angry Men" (11) please read and use all pages attached regarding the Twelve Angry Men film and the sources pages to be used.
SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Abstract This report is majorly about discrimination, stereotyping, and the act of prejudice. It features the acts of discrimination that are present in the society at large. The relevance of discrimination and stereotyping on today`s society is also talked about. The discrimination acts are then compared to the film “Twelve Angry Men”, which is looks at the dilemma that jurists face when making a final decision. It also includes the ways of solving and avoiding discrimination. The report features my personal opinions on discrimination at the conclusion stage. Introduction Discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping have been in existence for many years and hence it is not a new thing to the society and they have been used interchangeably over the years. However, there exist considerable differences between the three. Stereotypes are seen as the mechanism of attitudes with respect to a particular social group. Prejudice on the other hand is deemed as the emotions towards a particular grouping. Discrimination is the actual measures that are taken toward the perceived group (Baron, 2012). Whereas the behavior is sometimes seen as rightful and defensible by the perpetrators, it is evident that it is disadvantageous and ultimately illegitimate to others. It is my concern to protect the interests of other people in the society in order to discourage prejudice and discriminatory behavior. This is due to the negative impacts and consequences it has to our society in general. The presence of prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping is evident in today`s society and is therefore relevant. The basis for this acts are many. They can be due to age, marital status, religion, gender, language, sexual orientation, occupation and many others (Miller, 2011). For example, there exists sexual discrimination and superficial ideas on sa...

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