Definition of effective delegation

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Health and Medicine: Effective Delegation in Nursing

I want to get one summary 500 - words that is two pages about effective delegation in nursing. I made some outline so you can concetrate on that. 1)Introduction 2)Definition of effective delegation 3)Purposes of delegation- Benefits of delegation 4)Qualifications of RN required for delegation 5)The five rights of delegation 6)Legal and professional aspects of delegation 7)Barriers to delegations- challenges that face the RNs (delegators) 8)Scenarios of effective delegation- examples 9)Conclusion and Recommendations pl. take references from 2009- 2013 not less than 5 yrs. these are the outline . but i want summary of the outline .
Effective Delegation in NursingWhat would you term as effective delegation in nursing? The general definition of delegation is “to entrust to another responsibility”. (Lanette A., 2012) Drawing from this, the basic requirement for effective delegation is trust. Therefore, we ask ourselves: does the RN trust the delegate? Trust can only be achieved if there are clear expectations and the delegate has the capacity to fulfill those expectations.It occurs that delegation is a contentious issue which combines both management and decision-making concepts. Its open nature means that the delegator retains full responsibility for the entire process. Even if everyone taking part in the process may be liable for his or her actions, the effectiveness of the RN in delegating is always under scrutiny. (Lanette A., 2012)Still, the RN has to delegate duties at one time or another. The main question is whether effective delegation is possible. Going by the definition given by Bylgja Kærnested et al (2011), an RN may conduct an effective delegation as long as he or she has the requisite skills and knowledge to match a delegate with the particular task. There are five rights for delegation as listed among the principles for delegation which the RN must follow. These are; the right person, right duty, right circumstances, right supervision and, right communication channel. (Patricia P. et al, 2010) Apart from that, stake...

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