Demonstrates the ability to organize content logically, concisely, and in a manner appropriate to a paper given to investors

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Business Applications, Analytical Decision Making and Problem Solving


Business Applications, Analytical Decision Making and Problem Solving In this assignment we take a little turn from what we`ve been working on so far this session in that it is necessary to take a look back at MGT301—5 SLP as the present course is conceptually linked to MGT301. You should recall attention given to building business analytical decision making, critical thinking and problem solving skills in MGT301. Your capstone course BUS499, which will be taken during your final session, will also be conceptually linked to this course as well. In short, this strategic management course is a second in a series specically developed to assess your analytical decision making, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Your writing and essay delivery skills will also be assessed. Assignment: In this assignment you are asked to prepare a final paper to prospective investors based on the work you have done to date in this course. In this course you have identified the major mission, vision and goals, you know the stakeholders, you looked at the organization from a SWOT perspective, and you know what challenges the company faces. What do investors need to know based on your analysis? Also, please keep in mind that this SLP submission is the second in a series of three SLP submissions (which are administered in Module 5 of three core courses) and designed to assess your analytical decision making, critical thinking and problem solving skills. In order to assist you in understanding what is required in the present assignment, the following rubric has been developed. This rubric was developed to measure student success in meeting the BUS499 SLP 5 expectations related to business analytical decision making, critical thinking and problem solving. Note that your writing and delivery skills are also assessed. Rubrics for the other two courses are included in their respective written assignments. Assignment Expectation Organization Demonstrates the ability to organize content logically, concisely, and in a manner appropriate to a paper given to investors. Paper follows a logical sequence with an effective introduction and conclusion. Each segment relates to others in a carefully planned framework. Demonstrates the ability to support a central point or viewpoint throughout the paper—persuading investors that recommendations you present are vital to this organization’s future success. Support through both specific details and elaboration apparent in the paper. Content Demonstrate the ability to address an identifiable purpose in the paper—the fact that these business recommendations are vital to this organization’s future success. Clear purpose sustained throughout the paper. Demonstrates the ability to gather and sort information on a particular subject matter or topic. A demonstrates full knowledge of the topic with explanation and elaboration. The topic is well developed, effectively supported, and appropriate for the assignment. Critical thinking is clearly and creatively expressed. Adaption to Audience Demonstrate the ability to present information to varying audiences in such a way that the information is meaningful to that group. Effectively addresses the needs of the audience. Delivery Demonstrate the Ability to use data and graphs effectively in the paper. Data and graphs are easy to read, attractive, informative and error free. Communication aids greatly enhance the paper. Excellent integration of communication aids. Demonstrate the ability to use appropriate word choice and grammar in paper. All sentences are complete and grammatical, and they flow together easily. Words are chosen for their precise meaning. Word choice illustrates grasp of content and enhances paper. All terms are pronounced correctly and precisely. Demonstrates the ability to make an effective paper that is free from bias (e.g. sexism, racism, ageism, heterosexism, etc). Written language is completely free from bias. SLP Assignment Expectations In this paper, your ability to think critically and provide insightful analysis is the key. You do not want to just "rubber stamp" the organization and say they are doing great, but you want to identify specific areas where they fall short as well as where they do very well. Remember to organize your paper for clarity and document any outside resources. This paper should include: An introduction stating the thesis, position, or central theme you plan to take in your paper, a main body discussing focusing on the key assignment specifications, and a conclusion concisely stating the main points of your analysis and the conclusions you reached. Be sure to document your sources and provide in-text citations whenever you use information you obtained from a background reading or other outside source, as well as a separate reference list at the end of the paper. You may use footnotes instead, if you prefer, but you must document where you got the information you are using in your papers! The following criteria will also be used to assess your paper: xv. Precision: Does the paper address the question(s) or task(s)? xvi. Breadth: Is the full breadth of the subject (i.e., all the keys to the assignment) addressed? xvii. Depth: Does the paper/report address all elements of the topic in sufficient depth? Does it include and apply the background readings and other background resources? Are they included as references? xviii. Critical thinking: Are the concepts of this module applied accurately, logically, and relevantly? xix. Organization: Is the paper organized in a coherent and systematic manner? Are headings included in all papers longer than 2 pages? Clarity: Is the writing clear and are the concepts articulated properly? Are paraphrasing and synthesis of concepts the primary means of response to the questions, or are thoughts conveyed through excessive use of quotations?

Business Applications, Analytical Decision Making and Problem SolvingName:InstitutionIntroductionThesis statement: To establish the available opportunities and threats to the company in an analytical and critical manner thus enabling investors make sound decision when it comes to committing to the company.As it has been seen in the last SLP report, Mercedes Benz Company is a success story when it comes to the automobile manufacturing industry. However, just like every company has its appraisers, there are also critics who always look at the negatives. This report therefore is tailored to study all the underlying factors needed to make the company’s future a success. This is a fact as the main concern for investors is whether they can get their money back and if the company is profitable enough to guarantee them the same. The report shall entail the recommendations on opportunities for growth of the company, the special advantage the company has over its competitors and the likelihood of competition by the competitors when it comes to the weaknesses and threats poised on the company.Mercedes Benz Company is worldwide known brand and as such, when it comes to the competitive advantage in the automobile sector, this alone takes the company milestones ahead of its competitors. The management decision to trademark the name has ensured no other business venture can use the same. However, this is not enough because, trademarking alone cannot guarantee the success of a company. It therefore is upon the management and responsible stakeholders to push for exclusive branding rights when it comes to both automobile and other business ventures (Williamson, et al., 2010). For instance, the racing industry has opened up opportunities for branding rights on clothing lines. However due to lack of well-established policies on the same, there has been an emergence of clothing companies from China who use the company’s logo and name without the legal consent by the company. If the company is to continue enjoying the highest regards it is known for by the consumers, such unauthorized business ventures by third parties ought to be shut down if the legal process has not been followed. If such initiatives are executed, it will not only prevent “poor” company image but investors will also be assured of a high pedigree of the company they are investing in, not forgetting the income that shall be obtained from future properly-legalized branding profit returns.Secondly, it is all about the technological advances of the company. As it is well known, Mercedes Benz Company is a maker in technological inventions in the automobile industry. However, its generosity when it comes to sharing these breakthroughs is hurting the company in terms of ...

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