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Here you are ase how digital marketing helps to gain and maintain competitive advantage. Furthermore, you are suggested to use the same two brands and data you have collected for your audit. You have been provided with further information required for the report below:   sked to prepare a comparison report of Digital marketing activity for “RYANAIR AND EASYJET”. Critically analy


This is a report where you will be asked to compare the digital marketing activity for RYANAIR AND EASYJET. 2000-word count report

This assessment should critically analyse how digital marketing helps the organisations gain and maintain competitive advantage; specifically relating it to a business sector of your choice; Use theoretical frameworks and models to assess the strategy of two brands. It will help you to dig deep into digital metrics data to establish points of comparison and to see, overall, which brand is using digital most effectively. 

You will use the same two brands and the data you collected for your audit to write a report comparing the digital activities of the two organisations or brands. You will argue which is the most successful against your identified criteria. You should choose 3 criteria with which to compare the brands. You should employ a scoring system to rank each criteria (e.g. traffic lights, marking scheme, star ratings).

Suggested Outline Structure

You could include a brief introduction which explains why you felt these two brands/organisations were comparable and details about the brands/organisations. NB: If you choose a large organisation, it is appropriate to narrow this down to a country or region e.g. Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola`s activities in the UK. 

Main Body - for each criterion, you could compare the selected brands by drawing on your data and analysing it. You should use tables/ charts/figures as appropriate. You should reference literature to support your findings and the approach taken. You could assess the `winner` at the end of each criterion.

Conclusion - weigh up based on your evidence, your opinion, and your understanding of digital academic and professional literature, which is the `winner`


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions