Describe an organizational change that your organization is likely to make

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Organizational Change Coursework

• Describe an organizational change that your organization is likely to make (e.g., new structure, new process, downsizing, etc.). • Identify the key stakeholders involved and the impact the change would have on them. • Describe the change management approach and recommended action steps you would advise for minimizing adverse impact on the organization and its people. • The paper should focus on the systemic nature of the organization and how the change will improve the effectiveness of the organization, its processes and the productivity of the employees. • Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement • Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought. If possible, provide a context of a first-person experience where you saw this academic concept in operation. Do not simulate third-party statements of experience • Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph
Title: Organizational changeName:University:Date due:Introduction to Organizational changeOrganizational change is any systematically planned effort to improve the efficiency of any given activity. Change involves modification of the ways in which an organization undertakes its duties and aims at maximizing the output of the performances of its people, products and services. Every organization will always think of changing its strategies from time to time subjected to the surrounding which are subjected to constant changes. Thus it has become a normal phenomenon to find out that an organization does not make the necessary adjustments in its activities and processes as a result of these changes in environment. Organizations in most occasions propose change on its people, processes and structures as well as the principles governing it operations.Possible areas where organizational change can be effected                                                          Organizational modification should be carried out in steps. The fist undertaking would involve the assessment of strengths and weaknesses of current situation so as to know why change would be needed as well as what it is capable of transforming. All components of strategies ranging from objectives contents as well as the process in which it is to be carried out need to determine in advance and adopted as one of the strategies to accomplish change. The process of managing change may comprise being creative enough to enable communication between change stakeholders, with wide social knowledge, leadership skills and group dynamics. As a good track on transformation projects, organizational change management aligns groups` expectations, communicates, and improves teamwork and operations of the organization. Its evaluation of improvement in the performance if the organization is based on qualities, such as positive financial realizations, high efficiency, leadership assurance, ability to consult with fellow employees, and the urge to implement change to design appropriate strategies, in order to avoid difficulties associated with change or solve problems in projects which have been subjected to change (Barnett & Carroll, 1995).Carrying organizational change on the organization structure involves determining what changes need to be made by making adjustments to current strategies on objectives, goals and aspirations. Reviewing the organizational chart to know the composition of the staff. With the implementation of new changes, a good management decides well where there is inadequate labor, the type of training and skills needed on every part to determine how hiring should be done. The management may be faced with the task of managing too many workers. They may also be required to make changes in organization chart which forms the organization`s framework. Just like or body bones which connect to make our bodies function properly, you have to...

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