describe how you applied strategies for effective patient education/compliance discuss in our text book

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Effective Patient Education

INSTRUCTIONS Develop an instructional tool or program that can benefit patients, their families and /or co-workers These are some examples from previous students: .educational pamphlets .staff compliance/check list to obtain patient adherence .staff training on informed consent .Revised and updated an old brochure that had medical jargon information. Critique the old one and describe why the need to be revised. Provide both(the old one and the one you improved) Apply what you have learned about effective patient education to your future, practice situation Submit: 1)Complete educational tool 2)3 pages summary that describe how you applied strategies for effective patient education/compliance discuss in our text book (Effective Patient Education, Fourth Edition, by Donna R. Falvo). IBSN-13: 9780763766252. Include in-text citation in APA.
Name of StudentDate of submissionSubjectEffective Patient Education: Atherosclerosis BrochureMany health professionals believe and practice that in order to achieve agreeable results, the patients are supposed to be well-educated regarding the particular disease or illness they may have (CDC, 2011). If the patients were well aware of the what is happening, going to happen or might happen to them, it has been discovered that they are more complaint with the health professionals (Falvo, 2011). A patient`s cooperation helps yield a more positive result when it comes to patient care. Therefore, patient education is of great importance. This has already been seen by the country which is why initiatives such as Healthy People 2010 and the coming, Healthy People 2020 are being promoted by the government to its people. In ensuring patient education, a creative and understanding mind is needed. Understanding is needed to help the health professional relay the proper and the needed information to the patient. In most cases, patients and health professionals have a hard time understanding each other since patients are not very much akin to medicine and health. Consequently, there are many jargon in the medical and health field that are difficult to explain to non-medical people. This tends to create a misunderstanding and a gap between the patient and the health professional. Because of such, the health professional tends to provide incomplete information to the patient just as so they would understand each other. Therefore, understanding in both sides is needed.Creativity, then, helps this understanding be firm. A creative mind, for the health professional, is needed so that information is relayed in a way that the non-medical patient would grasp the idea of the disease of the illness. A health professional may give a long and detailed lecture about the disease but the patient would not understand the concept. On the other hand, brochures, health pamphlets and other instructional tools may help the patient understand the idea of the disease. In this particular task, I made a brochure regarding the blood vessel co...

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