Describe quality improvement concepts, processes, and outcome measures

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Quality Case Study


Quality Improvement Case Study:  75 points

Due:  11:59PM Tuesday, Dec 4th

Upon completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

Describe quality improvement concepts, processes, and outcome measures

Read the following: Quality Improvement case study for final assignment.  Pg. 1-20 is a brief summary of the case study; p. 21-52 contain specific details that will help in answering the questions below.  In your paper, use the emboldened headings (below) and address the following about the case study:



Quality Improvement Concepts:


Completely describe the quality improvement concepts, processes and outcome measures used by the case study hospital.  Include:

  1. What was the hospital trying to accomplish? List the steps the hospital took to identify and confirm the problem.
  2. What did the hospital find out?
  3. Explain the measurements that were used.
  4. What priority issue did they choose to work on?
  5. Explain why the hospital leadership was motivated to “be ahead of the curve” in solving this patient care issue? (p. 19)





15 points


Formal action plan 


Describe, summarize and examine the 3-part action plan goals that the hospital implemented to strengthen the focus on patient service.




15 points



(Discuss both positive and negative findings.)






QI Team


Identify the members of the QI team for the case study, including the expert RN panel. Do you think these were appropriate personnel to have on the QI team to address the problem? Who else could have been included to inform the panel?  Defend your answer.










What have you learned from this case study that you can apply to your own professional nursing practice





13 points



Paper submitted in APA format, using title page, emboldened headings (as set out above), organized paragraphs, reference page; no spelling or grammatical errors.




7 points



Total Points:


75 points 



Quality Case StudyNameUniversityDate Quality Case StudyQuality Improvement Concepts One hospital embarked on a process that would help their registered nurses, their nursing assistants as well as other members of the hospital staff provide more support that is emotional to those patients who sought medication at the facility. Based on comparisons, the hospital had realized that they offer perfect treatment, their only problem was the fact that their staff did not provide emotional support to the patients who came in for treatment. Nevertheless, to be certain that this was indeed a problem, the hospital took the following steps: they used data from the Patient Evaluation Performance Project to assess the manner in which their hospital fared in terms of providing emotional support to the patients (Quigley, 2010 pg. 8). The hospital also designed and administered a proprietary patient survey form to the patients that sought to establish the level of interaction between the patients and their staff including, whether the staff introduce themselves to the patients and it confirmed the perceived problem. In addition, the hospital held meetings with their staff to find out why offering emotional support to the patients was proving challenging and their fears were confirmed (Lighter, 2011 pg. 112). After analyzing the steps they took to ascertain the problem, the hospital found out that it needed to keep tabs with the patients by asking them how their overall experience was. They decided to carry out the following actions to keep things under control: they began the process of occasionally studying the PHS data to assess how they fared in terms of the services of...

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