Describe the benefits of an expanding global marketplace and economic interdependence for executive decision-making.

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LEGAL AND ETHICAL DECISIONS IN EXECUTIVE DECISION-MAKING, MGT 520 REQUIRED TEXTS: Primary Schaffer, Richard, Beverley Earle, and Filiberto Agusti. International Business Law and its Environment, 4th edition. West Educational Publishing. (1999) ISBN 0-538-88483-5. COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course provides a review of the legal system and how it can be employed to settle disputes and misunderstandings arising from a wide assortment of international business dealings. Emphasis is placed on the litigation process, constitutional law, contracts, sales and leases, intellectual property, international law, agency, and ethics. The course is grouped under four broad headings dealing with the legal environment of international business; international sales, credits, and the commercial transactions; international and US trade law; and regulation of the international marketplace all of which must be understood by the international business executive in decision-making for international trade in the new millennium. COURSE OBJECTIVES: After completion of this course, the student should be able to: 1. Describe the benefits of an expanding global marketplace and economic interdependence for executive decision-making. 2. Explain the three methods of International market-entry— • Trade • International Licensing of Technology and Intellectual Property • Foreign Investment 3. Explain the various methods for International dispute resolution and their importance in executive decision-making in putting the deal together at the front-end and during/after contract performance. 4. Describe the significant aspects of the international treaties/conventions have on the sale of goods, formation of contracts, contract remedies, international trade terms, and methods of financing to assure payment and performance of international obligations. 5. Explain International and major trading countries rules on trade law and the role and benefits of GATT and the WTO membership for the executive. 6. Define basic unfair international trade practices. 7. Describe the several methods of import and export regulation. 8. Explain International marketing rules-of-the-road and the regulation and ethical issues associated with deciding how to conduct international business in an interdependent world. 9. Describe the reasons and benefits of technology transfer agreements. 10. Explain currency, trade, labor, environmental, taxation, and other risks/obligations in connection with executive decision-making for international businesses operating in a foreign environment. FINAL WRITTEN PAPER: Students are encouraged to focus their papers around the organization where they are currently employed, an organization they have been employed with previously, a new business venture they are contemplating, or an organization with which they are familiar. Students should attempt to relate course principles to the actual situation existing in the “focus” or “target” organization. Students without a “focus” or “target” company are encouraged to prepare papers which reflect the student ability to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the business management discipline in the paper. Students preparing their papers around a “focus” or “target” organization will need to play a “role” during the research for and development of their papers. Each student should assume the role of the General Manager of the organization/business firm/company he/she has chosen as his “target” or “focus”. Tables and figures, charts, and graphs (if any) should be prepared using Excel or a similar program. The report should be checked with a spell-checker and grammar checker (part of MS Word, etc). The preferred format is to justify the left margin only. Use double- spacing which makes it easier for the instructor to read and award you a higher grade. The quality of report should be similar to a presentation you would make to senior management. Prepare the report as though your job depended on it (your final grade does!). The final written paper should be approximately 15 pages. The first page shall be an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY which includes your conclusions, forecasts, and recommendations. The rest of the report should give support to your Executive Summary. Charts, tables, further analysis, references etc. can be set up in appendices.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions