Describe what it is that you want to study and why it is an important problem. State the problem in the form of a research question or as a hypothesis.

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Gay Parenting and family relations

Topic: Gay Parenting(same-sex parenting) and family relations. 1)statement of the problem: Describe what it is that you want to study and why it is an important problem. State the problem in the form of a research question or as a hypothesis. 2)Theoretical perspective on the problem: Address or frame the problem from one of the theoretical perspective, discuss its key features and major concepts, and explain how you will use it to study the problem. 3)Research review: Review some of the previous research on this topic. What do we know about this problem so far? This review can be brief, about 5 previous studies. 4)Research methods: Discuss the research methods you would propose for studying this problem. What research procedures would you use(e.g.,questionnaire or interview survey, experiment,field study)? How would you measure the concepts/variables in your research question or hypothesis? How do you propose to analyze the data? 5)References: complete citations. *theoretical perspectives and empirical relationships are important for this paper. And the paper should include what`s more expected in the future.
Running Head: Writer Inserts Short Title of PaperGay and Lesbian ParentingCustomer Inserts His/her NameUniversity NameStatement of the problem A common perception/notion prevalent in the West is that children who are adopted by gay/lesbians are potential for sexual abuse, there will be an emotional impact of harassment on them, and the likelihood that children raised by gay and lesbian parents will be homosexual. It is very important to study this problem because gay and lesbian parenting is becoming increasingly common and before this problem has a wide impact on society in a negative manner, we need to review its potential pros and cons. In this paper, we endeavor to examine this issue with the help of perspectives given below.Theoretical perspective on the problemChildren of gay/lesbian couples have always generated a great deal of interest. The challenge that it provides to the basic traditional form of family unit, is still a phenomena that plagues society. In addition, there is the question of the child`s psychological unit-especially for kids born into gay families. Thirdly, from the pure view of practicality the custody aspect and the legal system of adoption and foster care, works under some suppositions about problems faced by kids who come from gay/lesbian family unit (Charlotte J. Patterson, 1992). Theoretical Issues A healthy pair of socially acceptable parents has always been considered a fundamental building block in the stable psychological and social development of kids. Hence, many theories maintain a pessimistic view for children who have these two essential ingredients missing in their upbringing (Nungesser, 1980). Social theories therefore stress the need of having a heterosexual male and female pair for the (Bronfen-brenner, 1960; Chodorow, 1978; Dinner-stein, 1976; Huston, 1983) proper development of kids, which shuns those children whose parents don`t exhibit these traits and predicts predicaments for their lives (Charlotte J. Patterson, 1992). Although cognitive developmental theory (e.g., Kohlberg, 1966) and gender schema theory (e.g., Bem, 1983) do not require such conjectures, advocates of these views have not said anything to defy their assumptions (Charlotte J. Patterson, 1992). In addition to the theory it is hard to rationalize the topic with logic. Instead, people who are disabled don`t fall under the category of normal parents. However, the right of them to have kids has never been questioned, although they might not be able to participate actively in the child`s development, training and growth or perform everyday tasks for them. It seems peculiar because kids, who have disabled parents, could very easily be labeled to have difficulty in their personal and social development. However, that issue has been accepted as part of fate that kids of such parents, should just learn to deal with it. It would indeed be considered inhuman if people with disabilities are questioned on their parenting skills or considered uns...

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