description of your search criteria: keywords chosen and why

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Matrix of Five Articles


The student should develop a search strategy that will find key articles summarizing what is known about the problem  (DM) and what solutions have been tried in the past. The student should search broadly for relevant articles, looking in nursing, medical, technology, communication, and behavioral science and social science databases. See the matix I attached


description of your search criteria: keywords chosen and why, databases chosen and why, and a summary discussing why these articles where chosen and the opportunities for intersectional collaboration.. 


Matrix Table Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Matrix Table A lot of patients, particularly those suffering from chronic diseases usually find it difficult to follow treatment recommendations (Rozenfeld et al., 2008). Due to poor medication adherence, patients fail to get optimal benefit from their medication therapy. Suboptimal treatment may result in increased usage of healthcare services, reduction in the quality of life of the patient, as well as increased costs of healthcare (Kripalani, Yao & Haynes, 2010). This paper describes the search strategy for finding the appropriate articles and provides a table matrix for the selected articles. Search Criteria To search the relevant articles, the key words that were used include the following: medication adherence app, mobile app for diabetes medication adherence, SMS reminders for medication adherence, and diabetic Hispanic women. These key words were chosen since there was a high chance of getting the relevant articles by using them to search articles. Only full text articles written in the English language and quantitative, qualitative and systematic reviews were selected. Some of the articles selected address intersectional collaboration between different health care providers as regards adherence to anti-diabetics. It is important to ensure intersectional collaboration as this may improve adherence to medication in patients with chronic diseases (Haynes et al., 2008). The databases used to search t...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions