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Web Applications Development

Each team is required to design and develop a complete web application system, including client-side and server-side capabilities, for a business or business area. Your team will decide the business or business area to develop the web application for. Listed in the table below are some examples:

Moving company

Job search

Local Search Engine for a website

Shopping cart

Loan application

Your own business

Job application

Order or shipment status checking

Research website (for a subject)

Payment processing

Rental property search

Online ordering

At the minimum, the web application system must consist of:

• Client-side web application/page 
• Server-side application/script 
• Server-side application/script which accesses either file(s) or database(s).

This project consists of 3 parts: (All parts must be submitted before the deadlines to receive credits.)

1. Project description in MS Word or pdf format (5%) – File Name: Team#Pj1 (Word or pdf file)

• Functional description of the project 
• Technical information: language(s), database(s), …. To be used

2. Project implementation (15%) – File Name: Team#Pj (zip file)

• One zip file containing all required files (The zip file cannot be in .rar or .7z format)

3. Project presentation to the entire class (10%)

• Less than 10 minutes, including the time needed to set up the system 
• Brief introduction of the project 
• Live demonstration of the project 
• Submission of the comment file (Team#Pj3 in pdf or MS Word) which contains 
o Screenshots of the project in execution/operation
o Instructions for setting up and testing the project


Grading Policy (1% means 1% of your semester grade)






Violated the Code of Academic Excellence, including:


Summited a solution that was created by other students in previous semesters.


Submitted a solution that was copied from resources or teams.




Part 1: Did not provide the functional description of the project.




Part 1: Did not provide the technical information.




Part 2: Did not satisfy one or more required features.




Part 3: Did not provide the set-up instructions and testing instructions




Part 3: Submitted comment file does not contain the required screenshots.




Part 3: Did not give a presentation or the presentation does not include a live demonstration.




Part 3: Presentation exceeded 10 minutes.




All parts: Submitted one or more files without the names of team members.





Price: £109

100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions