designing a product/service;

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Production Process Flow Chart: Supply Chain Operation


So actually it is a group project , and everyone has their own part ,i just send every thing to you so you get the idea.My part is the 3rd one constructing a flowchart of the events identified in the production process.Just do the flowchart part not others. The project involves:

1) designing a product/service; 2) following the product/service from its inception through production/provision to distribution; 3) constructing a flowchart of the events identified in the production process; and 4) outlining the decision making process in the areas of product/service design, process design, facility layout, and evaluation of performance. Our product- is a journal/ organizer/notebook which people can use to jot down their appointments, to-do lists and other things they need to be reminded of.

Its unique designs and the steps that the user has the option to fill make it more special than any other organizer; the Planit holder feels like it’s been specially customised → personalization USP as sense of ownership Planit is also about setting a goal and a purpose for the current year; it actually provides the necessary tools to filter down those goals and achieve them. Planit will also act as its user’s supporter and personal assistant; each month the user will receive 3 questions to remind him/her of things that could be included in the plan. In summary, Planit is a guide and a companion.(brand name is Planit) so i need to do flowchart of production process of planit notebook, its like breaking down points,ideas. The following link and the file i have inserted will guide you to understand making the flow chart of production process of planet notebook.Do a Flow chart on the production process based on Planit notebook.


Once a customer places an order for the Planit journal/organizer/notebook, the Customer Service Department takes note of the order. A customer can place either a standard order or a customized order. The sales order is forwarded to the Production Control Department where all details about the order including its delivery schedule and number of units are noted. If the products are available in the inventory, the warehouse department is alerted, and the Shipping process begins. If not available, the Production Control informs the Purchasing and Material Control, who contact the Suppliers of the raw materials.


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions