Digital Optimization

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Criterion 1: Introduction

An overview of the group’s workshop summarizes the following:

  • The team members, workshop overview and reasoning for selecting the digital channel.
  • An introduction to the digital channel to be discussed for the workshop.
  • The learning objectives to be covered that promote the optimization of the digital channel.
  • Additional goals the team wants to achieve with the class through videos, activities, or in-class discussion.

The key take-away learnings that students should have by the end of the workshop

Criterion 2: Context

The workshop plan should offer specific information on the digital channel to be covered and the various optimization methods that a marketer can use to ensure the channel is reaching its potential. 

  • The learning objectives given to your group by the instructor should be covered as outlined on your Workshop Agenda.
  • There should be evidence of the use the 5 W’s and H throughout the workshop topics that relate to the optimization of the digital channel. 
  • The online revenue model(s) best suited for the digital channel’s optimization and customer should be discussed.
  • The communication process, which is best suited for use through the digitally optimization channel, and its relationship to customer loyalty development should be discussed.
  • Examples used in the workshop should support the context and explain and/or reaffirm the workshop learning objectives.
  • All the learning objectives outlined in the Introduction, Work Plan and Agenda should be covered.

Criterion 3: Tool Usage in Workshop

The workshop plan demonstrates the use of tools in the workshop to help build clarity and explanation towards understand of the learning objectives being covered.

  • The use various tools engage the audience and may include video, games, discussions, activities, etc…

Date Due:                      TBD based on the digital channel selected for the optimization workshop and the course syllabus date for presentation.

Weight:                          35% of total grade with 5 marks for the workshop plan, 10 marks for the summary and 20 marks for the workshop presentation’s peer evaluation.

Type:                               Group workshop presentation with plan submission in D2L.

Group Size:                  4 - 6 members that pre-registered in D2L on “Groups”

Workshop Length:    90-minutes total

  • You are required to create a 90-minute workshop that teaches the audience techniques to optimize one of the digital marketing channels listed below, focusing on the learning objectives for the digital channel given to you by the instructor. 
  • You have a blank slate for the creation of this workshop; however, you must present a workshop plan to the instructor, 24 hours before your workshop, using the template provided in D2L to outline the session, and an agenda for the class to know what to expect to learn during the workshop, including documents, links, videos, etc… used during your workshop in your D2L Dropbox for evaluation. 
  • A group summary of your workshop will be required for evaluation. It should be 500 words or less and posted in the Dropbox within 3 days of finishing your workshop.
  • The following digital channels are available for the workshops; however, the instructor will approve only one digital marketing channel for the course’s workshop slots.  For a review on these digital channels, visit


1.        Social Media Marketing – Paid Media

2.        Social Media Marketing – Owned Media

3.        Social Media Marketing – Earned Media

4.        Content Marketing & Website Design

5.        SEO - Search Engine Optimization

6.        Email Marketing

7.        SEM – Search Engine Marketing – Paid Advertising

8.        Affiliate Marketing

9.        Mobile Marketing




  • The workshop digital channel selection is available on a first come, first served basis.  Your team must submit the registration form with your choices ranked.  The time stamp on the registration form will serve as the method your instructor will use to determine the order of selection for the channel.


  • Your group will be informed via email of the channel approved and the date of your workshop.  There are no extensions to the date of the workshop.  It must be presented as scheduled.  To be graded on the workshop, you must be part of the presentation team.


Workshop Framework

Your workshop should include the following sections or similar sections.


Workshop Framework

Introduction:  An overview of your workshop that summarizes the main goals, recommendations and other important points of your plan.

Context: Offer specific information on the digital channel and various optimization methods that a marketer can use to ensure the channel is reaching its potential.  Use the learning objectives given to you by the instructor, consider the 5 W’s and H to help set up your workshop topics, along with other content you have learned from classes on optimization.

Tools for Workshop Success: Use examples in your workshop to help build clarity for the audience. Use various tools to help you engage your audience, including video, games, discussions, activities, etc…

Communication Process: Discuss how the digital channel helps to optimize the communication process for the customer.  Select a communication model that the digital channel supports to use in your workshop.

Online Revenue Model: Discuss which online revenue model(s) the digital channel supports for the target market.

Conclusion: Recap your objectives for the workshop and review the main points of the digital channel’s optimization importance for business success.


Workshop Rubric


A rubric for the workshop will be available in D2L in your assessment folder. Follow the rubric closely to gain the best marks from your peers and instructor.


Peer Assessment


The Peer Assessment of the workshop will make up 20 marks.  The peer mark is based on the submission averages and the feedback will be shared with the presenters in an anonymous manner.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions