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You are required to select an (one) application of Big Data in Supply Chain/Logistics, Healthcare, Insurance, Marketing, Finance etc. of your choice. Discuss and compare the key values added by Big Data solutions over traditional methods. You are to write a report on Big Data Technology and services. Your report should address the following in the related context.

  • What Big Data is, and the difference between Online and Offline Big Data
  • How to select the right Big Data application for your business, project and desired outcomes.
  • What are the technologies available in Big Data?
  • Business Impact of Big Data
  • Organisational Impact of Big Data.

The length of the assignment is 2000 words. You are required to do extensive reading of more than 10 appropriate and relevant chosen topics in Big Data application Please do in-text referencing of all chosen readings. Newspaper and magazine reports should be limited to a maximum of 2. A comprehensive report covering all key aspects of the topic selected is required. Report should be extremely well supported with relevant case studies. Any assumptions made are clearly noted. The report structure is clear, easy to read and logical, directly addressing the question. Suitable headers used throughout the report. Good use of graphics and charts. No spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions