Discussion Board: Information Technology and Patient Safety

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Discussion Board: Information Technology and Patient Safety


I have to write on the discussion board and answer the following question: Information technology is identified as an essential tool for advancing patient safety.Nurses, interprofessional teams, patients and families rely increasingly on information technology to communicate, manage information, mitigate error potential, and make informed decisions.Describe how information technology can be used to enhance patient safety.(Do not choose as your topic the following:smart pumps, bar-coded medication administration or monitors interfaced to automatically document in the EHR.Be more creative in your topic choice.) It has to be between 300-400 words. I am attaching a Rubric. Please follow it closely. It must contain 3 or more sources once of which should be Leading and Managing in Nursing Chapter 11. Sources must be scholarly! Nothing older than 5 years. This is important! Please keep wording simple. Not too elaborate. No plagerism! No grammatical errors.

Plagiarism is considered cheating and is a violation of academic integrity as outlined in the Student Handbook.  Any student who plagiarizes any portion of the assignment may receive a grade of zero on the assignment.


Unless prior faculty notification and negotiation of an extended deadline, ten (10) points will be deducted per day if submitted late.  Assignment will not be accepted if submitted more than 3 days late and assigned grade will be 0 (zero).


Discussion Board: Information technology and patient safety Name Course Instructor Date Technology is integrated into health care to address patient safety concerns, and IT alerts tools and systems are one such option where it is possible to analyze data and information on patient alerts and safety. Data, information and technology are elements of informatics that necessary to facilitate decision-making (Yoder-Wise, 2014). The case for using alert tools that can be personalized to be


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions