Diversity Management in Global Economy

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For the purposes of this assignment you will need to identify a suitable organisation for whom you have access to sufficient information to be able to complete the report. This may be an organisation for which you already work or one for whom you can find publicly available information.

You have been contracted by Organisation X as a Diversity Management Consultant to analyse their current equality and diversity policies and to make recommendations for how they could improve their performance.

For Organisation X, compile an 2,000 word Executive Report that:

  1. Provides a background context for the sector and structure of the organisation.
  2. Identifies:
    • The relevant legislative equality frameworks that govern the macro environment in which the organisation operates.
    • The relevant political, environmental, social or technological constraints that may affect equality and diversity at Organisation X.
    • The strategic partners of Organisation X, such as government departments and trade unions, and explains how they contribute to equality and diversity policy at the organisation.
    • Relevant codes of conduct, best practice benchmarks, etc that contribute to equality and diversity policy at Organisation X.
  3. Analyses the impact of the current equality and diversity policies and practices at Organisation X.
  4. Makes a series of recommendations for how equality and diversity policies could be improved at Organisation X, giving a rationale for each recommendation and assessing its potential impact.

Learning outcomes

  • Promote diversity management and debate the causes and consequences of inequality in organisations from different stakeholder perspectives.
  • Critically examine the key area of employment relations including reward, recruitment, career development and promotion considering the implications and importance of diversity management.


Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

We take academic integrity very seriously. Academic integrity means acting with fairness and honesty, giving credit to others where you are referring to their ideas or research and respecting the work of others. Plagiarism is defined as: `Using or copying the work of others (whether written, printed or in any other form) without proper acknowledgement`. Before you finalise your assignment take time to check that all your statements are backed up with supporting evidence, that all sources you use - whether referring to their ideas, quoting directly or paraphrasing - are correctly referenced in the text. Correct use of referencing acknowledges the academic whose work has informed yours, enables the reader to find the sources you have used and demonstrates your ability to find and analyse relevant information. 

Failure to properly acknowledge the work of others is an academic offence and may result in your work incurring a penalty or, in the most serious cases, you being removed from the course for academic dishonesty.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions