“Do you agree with this architect`s ideas?”

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Throughout the term Professor has stressed independent thinking supported by clear arguments and good, substantive evidence. In the midst of a lecture she would ask you to consider: “Do you agree with this architect`s ideas?” or “In what other way might we consider this example (of architecture, of urban design, of user agency, etc.)?” This final assignment simply asks that you do what we have been doing throughout the entire class: thinking about architecture, its forms and contents. This should be about history of architecture by thinking through these topics: Avant‐Garde/ Modernism/Politics: redux ,Making the Tradition ofModernism: exhibitions,books, and polemics ,CIAM:Dissemination of Modernism ,Housing the Colonial Subject, Form/History/Rationalism ,Systems and Cybernetics, Program, Scale & Event Territory vs. Narrative ,Systems and Cybernetics Thanks a lot, sepideh
Architecture (Insert Name) (Institutional Affiliation) Architecture The mid-twentieth-century modernist architecture considered itself progressive, an avant-garde movement that challenged traditional society. But today`s avant-gardes architecture is essentially conservative: It fails to challenge the modern technological society. Mid-centaury modernization grew out from the believe that technology was autonomous. At the time, it was the expression of the era`s faith in technology and those believed to be extremists they used slogan “form follows function” to mean that design was a good product from efficient use of modern materials to fulfill a buildings requirement (Matthew, 1993). During this period in time, the design of buildings was purely technical and on technical grounds as well and with time new technology swept away traditional forms. The modern architecture came with the following themes and features, and simplicity and clarity of forms and elimination of unnecessary details. The use of industrially produced materials, adaption of machine aesthetic unlike the ancient ways was enhanced. Visual expression of structure as opposed to the hiding of structur...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions