Does migration modify the effects of genetic drift?

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Migration, Genetic Drift


Assignment 5: Migration Random genotypic and phenotypic changes in isolated populations can be overcome by migration. Both movement of organisms into a population and the migration of organisms out of a population can influence genotype frequencies. Migration can result in new alleles being introduced into a population. Conversely, when organisms migrate out of a population the frequency of certain alleles in the population can decline. Does migration modify the effects of genetic drift? If so, how? Explain.

The abstract must be 150 words or less and written in the past tense in complete sentences. It should state the background/importance of the work, objectives, the results, and conclusions in a concise manner. The ideal abstract conveys the essence of the report without the reader having to read the entire report.This module you will compose the Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions, and References of a lab report. You should include all the input tables, calculations used in your Chi-square analysis, and the graphs for your experiments

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Conduct an experiment in which you designate two populations and one independent variable, migration rate. This is the step of the experiment where you carefully select your experimental conditions (hint do not just leave the parameters at default). Record your migration rate settings for each population.

Before you run each experiment, formulate a hypothesis to predict the effects of your experimental conditions.

Record the changes in the dependent variables, genotype frequency, allele frequency, etc.

Be sure to repeat each experiment at least 3 times to confirm your results.

Analyze your experiments which had no migration and genetic drift. Test whether the population is in a Hardy Weinberg equilibrium by carrying out Chi-Square analysis.

Describe how the different migration rates influenced each of the dependent variables.

Are the conditions for a Hardy Weinberg equilibrium achieved for either population? Why or why not?

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Lab Name: Subject: Date of Submission: Abstract Migration modifies genetic drift because it could increase the allele frequency within a population. Understanding the effect of migration on genetic drift is important to the genetics profession because it helps the professionals to appreciate the effect of migration on natural selection. It is why the researcher conducted a study with an aim of identifying the effect of migration on genetic drift. Specifically, the researcher examined black, brown and white-winged moths.. The results indicated that migration modifies the effect of genetic drift because of its effect on allele frequency. Keywords: Migration, genetic drift. Introduction Migration could be elucidated as the movement of organisms from one place to another. It is critical that migration is used in genetics to ref


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