ECE6010 Place, Play & the Language of Science

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A group research project in preparation for Playwork Placement.

In this task, students will translate theory into practice and plan for their Playwork Pop-Up Placement.

(Groups of 3-4 students) 

1. Acknowledgement of Country/ies specific to where your pop-ups will be undertaken

2. Benefits of a Pop-Up Playspace (for children, families and communities)

3. Risks and Risk-Hazard Management

  • Including but not limited to:
    • Location
    • Environmental factors
    • Loose parts
    • Humans

4. Loose Parts

  • What are the possibilities afforded when we introduce loose parts? 
  • Where will you source your loose parts, and how will you transport these to your pop-up?
  • What will you consider when planning for a range of children aged birth to 8 years?
  • Include examples (images) of what each group member will bring and what might be possible from these parts.

5. Engaging Families

  • How will you ensure children and families are aware of your pop-up?

How will you explain working in a Playwork style and Playwork Pop-ups to children, families and community members?

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions