ECON2010 Business Economics Comparative Analysis of Macroeconomic Indicators in Qatar and another GCC Country

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Minimum Word Count: 750 words / Maximum Word Count: 1200 words


In this research paper assignment, you will conduct a comparative analysis of key macroeconomic indicators in Qatar and another GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) country of your choice. This assignment will allow you to apply your knowledge of macroeconomics to real-world economic data and get a deeper understanding of the economic performance and challenges faced by these countries.


1. Select the GCC Country:

-       Choose one GCC country from the following: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Kuwait, or Bahrain.

-       Once you have chosen your comparison country, you may not change it. You must get approval from your instructor on your comparison country prior to starting this research assignment.

2. Research and Data Collection:

-       Gather data on at least THREE key macroeconomic indicators for both Qatar and the GCC country.

-       These indicators may include GDP growth, inflation rate, unemployment rate, fiscal surplus (deficit), balance of payments (trade), and any other relevant indicators.

-       Ensure the data is from the most recent year or the latest available data to keep it relevant.

3. Analysis:

-       Provide a brief overview on the macroeconomic conditions in both countries

-       Explain the importance of the macroeconomic indicators selected for both countries.

-       Analyze and explain the data for each of the selected indicators in Qatar and the comparison GCC country.

-       Discuss the macroeconomic trends, similarities, and differences between the two countries.

-       Explain the possible reasons for these trends and differences.

4. Conclusion:

-       Summarize your findings with TWO meaningful conclusions about the economic performance of Qatar compared to the chosen GCC country.

5. Formatting:

-       The maximum word limit of the research paper should be 500 words.

-        Provide citations and references for the data sources used.

-       Visit the Writing Centre to make sure paper is free of grammatical errors.

6. Submission:

-       Submit your research paper as a Word document in D2L Dropbox by the due date.


Good luck with your research paper!





The IMF website is a great place to get Economic Indicators for any country.  Find the IMF Data Mapper at the link below:


Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries


In addition, you can visit the government websites for economic statistics for each country. A few examples are given below:








Saudi Arabia



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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions