Education business and management Questions:The influence factors for graduate students’entrepreneurial intention and gender differences

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Subject:Education business and management QuestionsThe influence factors for graduate studentsentrepreneurial intention and gender differences

Please use SPSS to analysis data.thanks


Questionnaire on Education 

Add 1-2 lines where you explain what the research is about and that you are a student of the programme. Please tick(√)the most appropriate response. The data (Information) collected through this questionnaire will be kept confidential; and it will be used exclusively for research purpose of University of Birmingham.


1.Are you interested in entrepreneurship?

□ Strongly interested

□ Interested

□ Neutral

□ Somehow interested

□ Not at all


2.Do you intend to start your career in entrepreneurial activities after you graduate in your current Education?

□ Yes, I do –go to question 3-4

□ No, I don’t –go to question 5

□ Have not considered –go to question 5


  1. If you choose “Yes” in the second question, please select the most impact reason for your entrepreneurial decision.

□ Entrepreneurship can help solve employment problem

□ Entrepreneurship can promote social status

□ Entrepreneurship can quickly access to capital and resource

□ Entrepreneurship can help me achieve self value

□ Others                                _______________________


  1. If you choose “Yes” in the second question, when will you start your entrepreneurial career?

□ During my studies at University

□ After graduation

□ After having some work experience

□ After having higher degree (MA/PhD)

□ others                                 _______________________


  1. If you choose “No” and “Have not considered” in the second question, please select which factor is the biggest barrier to start a business?

□ Lack of capital

□ Lack of work experience

□ Lack of social network

□ Lack of support from family

□ Lack of confidence to take risks

□ Others                                 _______________________


  1. Have you received advanced entrepreneurial education or training?

□ Yes, I have

□ No, I haven’t


  1. How do you think the relationship between your major and further entrepreneurial activities?

□ Related closely

□ Have relationship but not close

□ A little bit related

□ Not related at all


  1. Are there any entrepreneurs in your family?

□ There are not any entrepreneurs in my family

□ There is one entrepreneur in my family

□ There are two or more entrepreneurs in my family


  1. How do you think the intention of entrepreneurship is different between men and women?

□ Men have stronger entrepreneurial intention than women

□ Women have stronger entrepreneurial intention than men

□ Entrepreneurship is not related to gender


  1. How do you think men and women have different attitudes to risk taking?

□ Men accept risks more than women

□ Women accept risks more than men

□ The attitude towards risk taking is not about gender


  1. To what extent do you think the below personality traits are important to be a successful entrepreneur?
  SD=Strongly Disagree, D=Disagree, N=Neutral, A=Agree, SA=Strongly Agree
    SD D N A SA
1 Strong spirit for challenge          
2 Strong responsibility          
3 Flexible ability to adopt different environments          
4 Extroverted character          
5 Sympathetic personality          
6 Others –please specify-  


  1. Do you agree that the factors below can be a challenge in your further entrepreneurial career?


  SD=Strongly Disagree, D=Disagree, N=Neutral, A=Agree, SA=Strongly Agree
    SD D N A SA
1 Ability to innovate          
2 Ability to manage and operate business          
3 Ability of social network          
4 Ability to access to capital sources          
5 Influence of social norm (paid employment, social status)          
6 Influence of limited opportunities          
7 Ability to tolerate risks          
8 Ability to adopt fierce competition (to be competitive in industry)          
9 Others  



  1. How old are you?

□ Less than 18

□ 18-21

□ 21-24

□ 24-27

□ Older than 27


  1. What is your gender?

□ Male

□ Female


  1. What is your education background?

□ Primary school

□ Secondary school

□ Undergraduate

□ Postgraduate

□ Doctor

□ Others –please specify-             ___________________


  1. What’s your current employment/study condition?

□ I’m currently studying

□ I have been employed

□ I’m currently self-employed

□ I have not been employed after graduation education



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