Education, Values and Sciety

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Project description
Education, Values and Societies
essay topic: In what ways do schools that I know set out to limit or overcome disadvantage as a result of poverty? (please choose section 1 or 2 in the above info of the General essay brief.) I think 2 would be relevant to the chosen topic by my tutor, poverty (social economics inequality).
Module Aims:
The broad aim of the module is to extend the B.Ed. /BA (Honours) aims of interrogating educational processes. It will:
develop participants awareness of the philosophical positions that underpin educational theory and practice in the participants educational contexts (the Lifelong Learning Sector, Early Years or compulsory schooling) and education more widely; examine enduring and fundamental educational questions through sociological, historical and philosophical perspectives; identify the distinctive contributions of each of these perspectives to understanding the relationship between education, values, rights and society; develop participants skills in theoretical analysis, argument and reflection in relation to practice; enable participants to apply the perspectives and educational issues to their professional settings; facilitate participants deployment of established techniques of analysis and enquiry within a discipline; encourage participants to devise and sustain academically coherent arguments.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the module, it is intended that students who have participated fully in the module will be able to:
examine enduring and fundamental educational questions through sociological, historical and philosophical perspectives; analyse, argue and reflect upon new theoretical knowledge and skills and relate these to practice in the sector that is relevant to the participant; present evidence that demonstrates understanding of current practice with the development of a conceptual framework of thinking from the selected perspectives of education covered in the module; present evidence that demonstrates autonomy and critical engagement with the selected theoretical perspectives in education; use study skills and independent learning to produce an essay that applies issues in values in education and education in values to a specific educational practice and/or policy. use study skills and independent learning to produce an academic essay that develops an argument in relation to one of the perspectives outlined in the module.
There will be ten sessions which will cover topics including Philosophical understandings of learning and education. Historical perspectives relating to policy, educational organisation etc. Philosophical perspectives: Personal Autonomy and human rights. Sociological perspectives: social justice, gender race and class. Values education, including for example, the R.E., citizenship education and sex education curricula.
This course is assessed by one 4,000 word essay (+/- 10% margin). The essay briefs are outlined below. Specific essay titles are negotiated with your tutor and you should start thinking about your focus from the third week. You will make a choice from the two general options, you cannot do both!
Once you have decided between the two briefs, you then need to decide the specific focus of your essay. The two options relate to the two aspects of the module a critique of the explicit and/or implicit values in an educational policy or practice OR an exploration of issues in the explicit teaching of a planned values education curriculum.
General essay brief:
1). Critique an educational policy or practice in relation to the explicit and/or implicit values that underpin this policy or practice. Examine the extent to which these values are congruent or in tension with one another and/or with other values in school and society.
Notes A policy could either be a general government policy, for example, the legal requirement for children to attend school from 5-16 or Assessment policy or policy on religious schools. Or it could be an individual school policy, for example, uniform policy, policy on parent involvement, policy on childrens voice. Practices could be such things as teaching methods, or classroom organization. We suggest that you briefly outline the policy or practice at the outset and explain why this has been chosen. The essay should also include a discussion of what is meant by values. Stronger essays will move beyond description to develop and sustain an argument. This means that you show understanding that there are different positions to be taken on the issue under discussion, and that you are able to examine the strengths and weaknesses of each to support your views. The essay also asks you to make links with wider social values, especially to those values that are said to underpin the kind of society we are generally said to inhabit i.e. a democratic one.
2. Critique an explicit values education curriculum, (for example, religious education, environmental education, sex education, moral education, citizen education, peace education, rights education, antisexist or racist education). Explore the extent to which different value systems in a pluralist society are accommodated in this curriculum.
Notes As above it is suggested that you start by briefly outlining the curriculum under consideration and why you have chosen this curriculum. Because a whole curriculum is a lot to discuss, you may want to narrow down on one unit or section of a curriculum. You will need to spend some time discussing values generally, and will need to explore pluralism, and what is meant by this. Again, stronger essays will develop an argument and will explore both sides of the argument. For example, an essay focusing on religious or sex education might take the position that these subjects should not be taught in school because they may offend individual values. On the hand the argument could be that these subjects must be on the curriculum for every child to promote understanding and tolerance of others.
All essays will be marked against the general B.Ed. /BA marking criteria in the

B.Ed./BA Programme Handbook. The main focus of all essays must be on values in school and society the example chosen should show your understanding of the complexity of values issues. The essay should give evidence of drawing on wide reading to support your argument. You may also do a short investigation in your work place to provide additional evidence to support your argument. However, if you decide to do any investigation, the ethical implications should be discussed with your tutor beforehand and outlined in the essay.

I would also like to introduce some of the core readings to you, if I can have your email address please sending them to you for using them in the essay as it was required by the course description.

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