Emerging Trends in the Hospitality Industry LT6078GN

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LO1. Demonstrate current understanding of some specialist areas in depth in appreciating the different approaches to leadership and their relevance in a multi-cultural context in the hospitality industry.

LO2. Critically reflect upon the concepts of `organisational responsibility` and `responsible leadership` and their implications for private, public and third sector institutions.

LO3. Critically examine the evolving and complex relationship between businesses in the hospitality industry, government, and civil society in the context of ethical and corporate social responsibilities.

LO4. Acquire advanced knowledge and understanding of the key categories, social media tools, and organisational approaches towards social media and their impacts on business organisations in the hospitality industry.

Assessment Aim:

This assessment covers learning outcomes 1 - 4. The aim of this assessment is to test your knowledge and ability about emerging trends in the hospitality industry. For example, current leadership styles, organisational responsibility, responsible leadership, corporate social responsibilities, and social media impact within your chosen hospitality organisation

Hospitality organisations typically operate within a network of service organisations and are often interdependent and interrelated. Therefore, the organisations that you may wish to consider include:

- Leisure, recreation and entertainment venues

-Hotels, hostels, resorts, camping grounds, bed & breakfast (B&B) establishments

- Restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes

- Travel agents, tourism operators, transport and travel operators

- Travel and tourism associations

You are employed as a senior manager in an organisation within the hospitality industry. As part of your role, you must write a formal report about emerging trends within your chosen organisation. Your report must contain a brief introduction about your chosen organisation and its hospitality activities.

Analyse different leadership styles within the organisations and your chosen hospitality organisation’s styles of leadership practices with examples (including their relevance in a multi-cultural context).

Organisational responsibility’ and ‘responsible leadership’ are two especially important concepts in the hospitality industry. Critically evaluate the application of these concepts in your chosen organisation. (Consider their implications for private, public and third sector institutions)

Critically examine how CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) delivers benefits to your chosen organisation as well as to the wider community incorporating hospitality industry, government, and civil society.

Evaluate your chosen hospitality organisation’s social media practices and implications for better customer satisfaction and experiences. 

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions