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From the textbook:
a) Choose one of the 24 chapters (related to 24 real and successful stories).
b) Prepare a presentation answering the following questions. Within this presentation use the concepts described in the study guide and those discussed during the online forums and tutorials. The overall length should be no more than 6 slides:
 Identify the specific learned lessons from the chosen chapter in terms of the concepts described in the EIM course.
 Identify a challenge within the chapter or an opportunity for improvement in the venture described. Develop a proposal for improvement in response to this, again utilizing formal concepts from the study guide, forums and tutorials.
c) Prepare a video summarizing your answer/analysis. This should be of duration no more than three minutes.


Introduction (

Entrepreneurship And Innovation

This brief will cover the relevant requirements and recommendations for the preparation of the assignment 1. In addition, this brief will cover how the assignment will be assessed.


The Presentation Content

The overall structure of the presentation should include the following elements:

  1. a) A short introduction of the chosen chapter.
  2. b) Specific learned lessons from the chosen chapter in terms of the concepts described in the EIM cour Two elements should be considered as follows:
  • The learning process of each student is unique. It depends on her/his current role and profession, her/his own experience, and her/his own objectives behind the EIM course. Then, the learned lessons written by the participant should show the connection  of  them  with  the  particular  story,  experience,  interest  or  concern driving the participant’s reflection.
  • The learned lessons should be described and analyzed in terms of the concepts described in the units 1 and 2 of the study guide. From unit 1, the concepts related to the stages of the entrepreneurial life cycle (i.e. business opportunities, ideation and testing, business model generation, resource acquisition, management and execution). From unit 2, the concepts of business models, disruptive technologies, disruptive innovation and the different ways in which the innovation of business models occur. It is important to mention that participants can use content from other sources related to the concepts studied in units 1 and 2.
  1. c) Identification of  a  challenge  proposed  in  the  chapter  or  an  opportunity  for improvement in the venture and description of the participant’s opinion or proposal for improvement. The opinion or proposal for improvement should be explained in connection with the concepts described in the EIM cour
  2. d) A set of final thoughts or conclusions should complete the presentation.


The  video’s  aim  is  to  develop  the  participant’s  ability  to  give  a  brief  presentation.  In

particular, some recommendations for the video presentation are as follows:

  1. a) Control your nervousne b) Know your topic well (Entrepreneurship And Innovation)
  2. c) Main ideas stated clearly and logically
  3. d) Talk at natural rate of speech and speak clearly.
  4. e) Organize your main points and rate of speech so that you speak for your three minutes.
  5. f) Adhere strictly to your time limit. g)  Show some enthusiasm

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions