Enzyme (Peroxidase) Concentration And Enzyme Activity

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Enzyme (Peroxidase) Concentration And Enzyme Activity


Question Description: This is the enzyme lab report, reading and following the word Writing a lab report and you can understand what you are going to do for the report. Everyone in class has to do the "temperature effects on peroxidase", and my prof will assign one more part for the report, and mine is "the effects of enzyme concentration" (read the lab 6).

So the report is going to have 4 graph: 2 graph I sent you and 2 charts that have to do it by yourself (I also give you the word so you can know how to do a bar graph).

In the last part of the report which is Discussion and Conclusion, it said "identify the parameters you were assigned to write about" , and I was assigned to do Enzyme Concentration.

I have some files need to send so you can write the report, please email me


Enzyme (peroxidase) concentration and enzyme activity
The experiment focused on the impact of enzyme concentration on enzyme (peroxidase) activity. Turnip extract is the source of peroxidase in the experiment. There was a direct relationship between the enzyme concentration and enzyme activity, and as the enzyme concentration was changed, reaction time was recorded as were the spectrophotometer readings. This is based on the effect of enzymes substrates that fit more easily with the enzymes, and adding the enzyme concentration increases the processing of substrates faster. The chemical reaction is directly proportional to the enzyme concentration. 
Enzymes are fast catalysts and while they affect the reaction rates the temperature change, enzyme concentration were considered in the experiment to determine their effects on effects on enzyme activity (Daniel & Danson, 2013). The enzymes also lower the activation energy required for reactions through catalysis, while the enzyme denatures when the bonds break. The experiment sought to determine the enzyme activity of peroxidase when the energy concentration changed. The peroxidase enzyme binds to substrates to catalyze reactions to get products, and the spectrophotometric measures the absorption of light in chemical substances is used to


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