Ethical Reasoning SSHA1004

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This assignment aims to assess your application of the knowledge of ethical reasoning you have acquired so far and analyze ethical problems found in different fields and topics using the ethics and moral theories which have been introduced in the course. 

Work in Pairs: You must work in teams of 2 students each. Speak with your instructor if you have any issue with identifying a partner.


Time: Prepare and present a PowerPoint presentation for between 6 to 8 minutes (3-4 minutes per person) on one of the following topics, in which you apply one or two of our ethics theories to the issue.


Grading: Each team will receive a single grade for content knowledge, critical thinking, and originality of the presentation. Each student will be graded separately for delivery. See rubric for details.

can choose to research and present any ethical dilemma and/or case study you like. Below are 2 recommended sources for case studies. Be sure to choose only appropriate topics; confirm with your instructor.





  • Begin your presentation by providing detailed background information about the issue. This may be a historical background of when the issue started or a general background on the processes involved in the issue.


  • Identify and present a minimum of 2 ethical theories that can be applied to the topic. Think of the ethical problems the topic entails, why it is ethical/unethical, and what has been said about the issue.


  • Provide at least one real-life example where companies/studies/technologies involved the issue you are focusing on. What was right/wrong about those examples?


  • Argue your position. Show how you believe the issue is ethical/unethical or show how you think the issue should be regulated. It is important that you build your arguments around the theories of ethical reasoning in your analysis and show and explain how the theory can apply to the issue.


Create your presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint. The presentation should follow the UDST template and consist of approximately 10 slides. Do not write everything on the slides. Write only bullet points highlighting your analysis and Include pictures or graphs. You can explain in more detail during your presentation

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions