Ethnic Group Evaluation

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Ethnic Group Evaluation


By the mid-twentieth century, the European immigrant groups described in Week One had combined to form a white racial majority in the United States. Today, Blacks, Indigenous Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and non-white Europeans interact with the white majority in a system of race that can be broadly described as comprising whites and non-whites, whites and racial minorities, or whites and people of color. While unique ethnic groups share a culture in which ethnic conflict is present, including pressures to assimilate, the broader culture also celebrates the unique culture of many ethnic groups in America.

Write a paper in which you evaluate a selected major ethnic group in the United States. Please elaborate on the following points in your essay:

a.Select and describe one of the following ethnic group:

Indigenous Americans 


b.Examine the history of this group in the United States, including the following:


Contact with other ethnic groups 

Assimilation or pluralism, and its connection to the group’s contact with other ethnic groups 

Conflict with other ethnic groups 

c.Provide an example of a widely held myth or misconception about this ethnic group. How do we know this is a myth? Why is this myth so difficult to abandon? 

Your paper must be three to four pages in length and utilize APA formatting and citations, including separate title and reference pages (neither of which counts towards the three-page requirement). In addition to the required readings, use at least two scholarly sources (one of which can be found in the Ashford Online Library) to support your points


Ethnic Group Evaluation - The Indigenous Americans Name Institution Date The Indigenous Americans Introduction In America today, the population comprises of several ethnic groups ranging from blacks, indigenous Americans, Asians, Hispanics and other non-white Europeans, creating a rich American culture. With the unique cultural differences, conflicts become a common feature, one of them being the pressure to assimilate. One of the ethnic groups in America facing this challenge is the Indigenous Americans. History of Indigenous Americans The migration of indigenous American can be traced back to the era before the colonization. During the colonization period, large groups of people sharing the same language and physical characteristics moved to one geographical area either to the south or northern part of America. The Native Americans are the descendants of East-Asians. They


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