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Project description
The assignment requires me to evaluate a website ( www.qdb.qa) by analyzing using Webqual and other accessibility measures as well as critically evaluating the e-commerce of the site using the value creation model of Amit and Zott. The world count is 4500 and all references must be made using Harvard system

Evaluate your own organization / company website and the related e-commerce operations:
1-The purpose of the website should be outlined
2-The website should then be analysed using Webqual (Barnes and Vidgen , 2001) and relevant accessibility measures.
3-The e-commerce operation should be critically evaluated using the value creation model of Amit and Zott (2001) especially pp503-511

Amit , R. and Zott C. (2001) Value creation in E-Business, Strategic Management Journal, Volume 22, Numbers 6-7, pp493-520

Barnes, S. & Vidgen, R. , (2001) An evaluation of cyber-bookshops: the Webqual method, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Volume 6, Number 1: 11-30

1-(Report format) you should apply Webqual, or a modified version, to the evaluation of a website. Accessibility issues must be covered. Website should then be evaluated using the Value Creation model of Amit and Zott. The work will thus be in a report format and will involve a significant practical element. Nevertheless, it must have a significant academic underpinning.
2-(Strict Harvard).
3-Evidence of wide reading.
4-Separate list of references and bibliography as per the college standard.

Content, style, relevance, originality: must have a strong literature base which should be mainly drawn from journals.

Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion: must not follow a descriptive approach, rather an analytical style should be followed
Must be clearly structured, with an introduction which offers a clear structure, a logical flow and a conclusion which briefly summarises the key points covered

Word limit : 4500 words

The company website : www.qdb.qa
Added on 20.12.2015 11:28
THANKS for the essay I love it. but i will add more things to it. note that the bank is based in Qatar not UAE. i need the introduction to be about the Ecommerce definition and types of ecommerce (b2b,b2c,c2b,c2c) and give a short example of each , to conclude this essay just add (how we can improve this website ) and how can we make it better for the customers

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions