Explain Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

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SAP CRM Interview

Hi, I have like 50 interview questions for SAP CRM class, so need to answer that.! Here`s that... 1. Explain Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? 2. What is Business Process Management - BPM? 3. What is the role of a SAP CRM? 4. Whom do they report to? 5. What is the difference between CRM and R/3? 6. What is the definition of CRM? 7. What is CRM Software? 8. What is automating the operations? 9. What are the advantages of CRM? 10. What are the Benefits of customer relationship management? 11. How the data was collected in CRM projects? 12. Is there any provision directly with CRM to buffer the data or is there any other means? 13. Can CRM and ITS server maintained in one system? Explain 14. How long will it take to get CRM in place? 15. How the data was collected in CRM projects? 16. How the data was collected in CRM projects? 17. What is automating the operations? 18. What is the goal of CRM? 19. What is the difference between the internet sales and the components provided with ITS and with CRM? 20. What is mySAP CRM? 21. How to integrate a data quality solution within other software applications? 22. How do you create a ticket in SAP CRM? 23. Explain SAP CRM Business Cycle. 24. What are the different sources through which BP enters into the CRM system? 25. What do SAP CRM consultants do in real-time? 26. Why we do customization in org? 27. Tell me about Landscape? 28. Why do u do “BP” search? 29. What is functionality? 30. What is connectivity in SAP CRM? 31. Explain the general ways through which a CRM can be enhanced. 32. What is the business process involved in SAP-CRM? 33. What reports does a SAP-CRM functional generate? 34. What are the tools used in SAP-CRM? 35. You want to transfer data from development server to QA server. How would you do that? How will you know if the data has been successfully transferred? Where will you check it? 36. What do you mean by following? a.) Product Catalog b.) List price in product catalog c.) Catalog variant 37. What is the GUID Concept in CRM? How is it used? 38. Explain Easy Enhancement Workbench. What are the limitations of the EEWB? 39. List the tools are available to import/export data from a CRM system? 40. What function does the CRM middleware perform? 41. What technology is used to generate PCUI screens? 42. Differentiate between CRMC_BLUEPRINT vs. CRMC_BLUEPRINT_C 43. What do you mean by following? a.) Blue print Application Builder b.) Field groups c.) Model Access Class d.) PCUI Cookbook 44. How is model access classes assigned? 45. How do you debug a PCUI application? 46. Explain the CRM One Order concept, and logical structure of a business transaction 47. List the primary header table for a CRM business transaction. 48. List the primary extension tables for CRM business transactions. 49. Explain the usage of customizing includes in the business transaction. 50. Explain the BADI framework for the business transaction. 51. Explain the usage of the CRMV_EVENT framework.
SAP CRM INTERVIEW CRM is a company`s strategy in order to find, attract and win new clients; nurture and retain those the company has already; entice clients back; reduce the costs of marketing and client service.Business process management is a synthetic approach to making an organization`s workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment.To manage the day to day operations, logistics, finance, month end quarters and yearly activities of an organization.They report to the service providers or the organization.CRM specializes in Customer Relationship Management functionality like interactions with customers while R/3 covers Enterprise Resource Planning and therefore provides functional modules such as finance or sales and distribution.CRM is a business philosophy involving identifying, understanding and better providing for your customers while building a relationship with each customer to improve customer satisfaction and increase profits.This is a type of software that one uses to take care of Customer Relationship Management.Automating operations is the use of control systems and information technologies to reduce the need for human work in production of goods and services.Enables a company recognize the majority or productive and unprofitable customers Improves the sales by advertising and cross marketing different productsIt provides customer information and facts without difficultyEnhances customer satisfactionProvides better customer serviceMinimization of the organization`s expensesThe benefits are; staff close deals faster, minimize expense through, sharing and exchange of information is enabled, customer retention is achieved.Collection of data for CRM projects can be through response to campaigns, sales and purchase data, web sales data, account information, service and support records, demographic data and shipping and fulfillment dates.The provision with CRM to buffer data is by CRM stores, all orders, products and prices etc. used in the internet sales but it can also be kept in CRM database.CRM and ITS can be maintained in one system but it is not recommended since it would not allow for good security if both are implemented in one server.The time it takes to put together well conceived CRM project depends on the complexity of the project and its components.Collection of data for CRM projects can be collected through response to campaigns, sales and purchase data, web sales data, account information, service and s...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions