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Assigned Internet Research - Assignment 4

Question B* - Assigned Internet Research - Assignment 4 Review all of the websites and suggested links in this assignment. Please comment briefly on each website, then focus on a couple in more detail. Discuss how these resources are useful to furthering the progress of aging and disability issues and concerns. Explain if you found the websites and links to be "user-friendly" and offer information with understandable terminology. Include explanations of any information you found particularly useful, helpful, or surprising. Include the link or website name that you reviewed. http://www.asaging.org/diversity/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJonPMa4Lic uestion A* - Application to Current Events - Assignment Follow the word count requirement for this response. Research a news article from in-print sources, online information, TV, podcasts, or films. Discuss how the issue or news item applies to your readings for this assignment. For example, you may find an article about an older person being unable to find adequate housing, a person with a disability who cannot access health insurance, lack of community resources, or a new coalition addressing services for older persons being formed in your state. Your comments may be posted on the course news page as well. Excellent resources are the New York Times, Minnesota Public Radio, and The Washington Post. Other organizations and coalitions can be searched and you can sign up to be on their listservs. In addition, you can search the web resources and browse journals in the library. This is an excellent activity to help increase your awareness of current issues and trends. Please Include the website name or link in your response. A piece of our readings- For Question A A grassroots coalition is simply a group of people and organizations that agree on one or more issues of mutual interest and concern. Grass roots coalition are usually different from other kinds of coalitions because there are volunteer are under her unfunded and are not legally structured it entities, like nonprofit corporations. These attributes are both a strength and weakness. They are a strength because the commitment is strong and usually more visceral. The motivation of the members is not earning money to make a living, but rather the motivation is a passion for or at least strong interest in the issue - usually correcting some Harm or writing a wrong that is personal and immediate to the correlation members, their families, friends, and loved ones. The weaknesses of grass-roots coalitions come from lack of resources, lack of long-term planning and activity, and external perceptions that are too emotional, lacking in professionalism and understanding of systems - how the game is played Coalitions are fundamentally a tool to help organize communities to act, make the changes that they want to see, and to change the world to make it better. In my nearly 3 decades of experience I have seen coalitions both work and not work. Grass-roots coalitions must entail action. as stated earlier, they need to be created around an issue or problem with the intent to redress a grievance, right a wrong, or fix something. It does not matter if coalitions do not last forever. Coalitions exist until the issue gets resolved or something else takes priority. Such short-term coalitions can be a good thing, because there is definite burnout in correlation building. There are long-term issues related to time, energy, money, internal and external interest in the issue, and the like. Going to long without a win sense of victory burns people out. Feelings such as we`ve been working on this for 15 years. I have grandkids now and the issue still not resolved. I need to Move on are typical as coalitions Wind down. coalitions s often try to go on too long. Shorter-term, issue orientated, coalitions with defined goals are key, as is inclusion of the right stakeholders. They are what make or break a coalition-a sense of progress, of winning some of the issues; the senses must be shared by most or all of the concerned stakeholders 10 15 20 20 Question E - Case Study - Assignment 4 Minimum wordcount = 150; no maximum (please note higher wordcount) You are a case manager in work center for persons with disabilities. One of the consumers, Kerry, who works at the center, has been doing piece work for the last 20 years. Kerry is now 66 years old and has an intellectual disability. Using the web resources in the assignment as well as any others you locate, help Kerry identify options for retirement. Kerry would like to be involved in the community but you understand that senior organizations do not have much experience with persons with intellectual disabilities. Develop a brief plan as to how you will approach this issue to assist Kerry in living the life he desires. Include the links or names of the websites you used.
OLD AGE AND ITS CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIESSTUDENTPROFESSORCOURSEDATEQuestion B* - Assigned Internet Research - Assignment 4This website covers the American Society on Aging (ASA). ASA is a body that focuses on developing leadership and imparting knowledge and skills to address the problems, challenges and opportunities of the varied aging society. This body puts great concern on multiculturalism and multiplicity. It has and continues to create awareness on culture, sensitivity, importance and suitability in serving and providing commodities for the aged. Its education and training have remained applicable culturally since it has natured diverse and all inclusive society (ASA, 2013).This website has videos based on the aging society in Japan. Japan is one country whose great population is composed of the old. It is known for the high life expectancy of its people. It has gone ahead to look into the issue in order to address the challenges that come with it. This site particularly focuses on the development of the robots by the society with the aim of helping the aging people with the many needs they might be in need of. There is the invention of the robots that can carry the old, robots that can help the old walk, robots that serve the old with anything they want, especially those that have disabilities of walking or are maimed in the hands. These robots are of great benefit to the society since it reduces the need of having people to fend for the old and letting them out to go work in other areas aimed at economic growth (NTDTV, 2013).These two resources are of great benefit and are greatly resourceful in progressing aging and disability issues and concerns. The aging society requires great attention and is so taxing since the old need to be done for almost everything. It is important that professionals in the area of looking after the old are well trained with necessary skills on treating and caring for the old in all areas including health and generally the whole self of the old. ASA is very instrumental in the impartation of...

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