Explain primary interventions as a social worker.

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Essay need considering Social work prospective.
Please explain primary interventions as a social worker.

Sophie (54) and James (65) married for 30 years with two sons Adam (28) and Victor (25). Since last 18 years, Sophie working for local authority and James retired this year as telephone engineer and part time boxer. Since, his behaviour has been challenging towards Sophie. Since he retired he is drinking excessively and often has hit Sophie for late night food demands. 
Sophie arranged a staff party few weeks ago. James showed up drunk and started hitting Sophie in front of her colleagues. Then he dragged her away by the hair. She got injured and required surgery to realign her nose and cheekbone. Hospital consultant referred her to hospital social services by saying her injuries were consistent to those who suffered by car accident survivors. Consultant fear return to home may resulted in her death.
Sophie insisted to returned home, she told staff nurse, she is the only carer of her grandsons, as their mother was died a year ago, due to breast cancer. She was the wife of Adam. Sophie was allowed to work around school hours and pick up times and holidays. Furthermore, she said children were at home when James assaulted her. Children were screaming on their grandfather and tried to stop him hitting Sophie. Older son, Lucas rang an ambulance who in turn rang the police. James was arrested and is currently on remand awaiting trial. 

Essay Requirements:
1. A reflective style essay of 1500 words based on above case study.
2. Define domestic violence.
3. Mainly take feminist approach (feminist theory) to resolve this case. Attachment or system theory also needs to consider for children.
4. Please explain primary interventions of social worker role in this case. Both Sophie and James both required interventions by the social worker.
5. Express the Key skills and knowledge that will inform assessment risk in this case by linking to KSS/PCF. High risk factors.
6. Risk factor can be divided as Nature of abuse, emotional, physical. Historical patterns such as previous abusive behaviour. Victim’s perception such as specific fear for Sophie and grandchildren. Aggravating factors such as alcohol, financial problems, joblessness etc. 
7. What services will be involved in this case? Such as MARAC, police etc.
8. What experience was gained as social worker view point?
Assessment observation planning and decision making 

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