Explain what he means by “reembedding” using modern transportation as an example. Unit 2: 3. What are four dimensions that Ritzer highlights?

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Modern Sociological Theories


Writer, once order is assigned - we will forward you a big, 55 MB pdf file with readings. assignment called for between 3-5 pages maximum to answer 13 questions and provide 12 definitions the glossary list is much longer but only required to define 12 words. Answer the 13 questions provided from units 1-5. Also choose 12 words to define from the glossary provided. You must use your own words to define the words chosen as if you were talking to a friend or family member. I have attached a copy of the glossary list as well as the readings for units 1-5 there is approximately 52 pages of reading and ALL answers MUST come from these readings and MUST be written in your own words. When finalizing the order it will not allow me to attach the selected readings it says the file is too large, and I spoke to the support team and I e-mailed the selected readings directly to them and the operator I spoke to was Ashley. Note About Quality: I am an 80-90% average student so I need extra care and thought put into this assignment and I have had some awful experience using this service but I have 4 assignments due all at the same time so I don`t have too many other options. Unit 1: Giddens cautions that the juggernaut of modernity "is not an engine made up of intergrated machinery, but one in which there is a tensionful, contradictory, push and pull of different influences." One such influence is the tension between "displacement and reembedding." 1. Explain what he means by “displacement” using the shopping mall as an example. 2. Explain what he means by “reembedding” using modern transportation as an example. Unit 2: 3. What are four dimensions that Ritzer highlights? 4. Explain why the first three dimensions are particularly appealing to customers. 5. Explain why the fourth dimension is particularly appealing to the corporation. 6. Ritzer expounds upon the “irrationally of rationality.” In particular, he argues that fast food restaurants tend to be dehumanizing. Dehumanizing for whom and why? Unit 3: 7. Baudrillard says that copies of reality retain the distinction between what is fake and what is real. Simulations, however, are not copies of reality: simulations blur the distinction between what is fake and what is real. Illustrate Baudrillard concept of simulation citing two examples used in Disney theme parks to distort visitors perceptions. 8. Borries argues that the Disney theme park is an “exercise in moral control.” What does he mean? Unit 4: 9. What does Foucault mean by bio-politics, and why was the evolution of bio-power “indispensable” to the development of capitalism? 10. What sort of techniques associated with the evolution of bio-power helped “very diverse institutions” to subjugate bodies and control populations? Unit 5: 11. In your opinion does the fact that unpaid domestic work is functional for capital in any way explain why it’s women who have been relegated to this work? 12. How does the structural and ideological split between public and private spheres help conceal the destructive forces of capitalism? 13. On what grounds have feminist criticized Juliet Mitchell’s theorizing as both classist racist? SELECT 12 WORDS FROM THE GLOSSARY TO DEFINE P.S. Good evening I just doubled checked the length of the assignment requirements and it reads minimum 3 pages and a maximum of 6 pages, I had stated previously it was maximum 5 pages and that was incorrect.

Modern Sociological Theories NameInstitution Modern Sociological TheoriesQuestion One A simple explanation for Gidden’s meaning of displacement in modernity is not that of alienation, but of ambivalence. Humans own local places in some sort of provisional sense by recognizing the absent forces that promote such ownership (Giddens, 2002 P. 3). In the shopping mall example, the current shopping malls could be understood as a replacement of the ancient retail businesses. This is because small retail businesses were ubiquitous in many European countries (in the ancient times). Today, supermarkets and shopping malls have replaced such retail businesses. Question Two The term re-embedding could be elucidated as the separation between time and space and their development into consistent empty dimensions that cut the connections involving social activity and the embedding contexts of existence (Giddens, 2002 P.4). It is critical to use an example because it helps in explaining the concept of re-embedding. It follows that the example of modern transportation could aid in elucidating the meaning of the term under discussion. In this example, the idea of re-embedding is whereby an individual could travel from Melbourne to Sydney in one hour (by air) and from Sydney to Parkes in four hours (by road). Therefore, it appears simple to travel from Melbourne to Sydney than from Sydney to Parkes yet the distance from Melbourne to Sydney is longer than the distance from Parkes to Sydney. Question Three Ritzer offered a Weberian-motivated outline for understanding the structure of modern bureaucracies. He was able to achieve this by using four dimensions of highlights. The first dimension is efficiency, which is the ideal method for moving from place to place. The second highlight is calculability. Calculability could be understood as an emphasis on the quantitative elements of services offered and the products sold. The next highlight is predictability that is the assurance that services and products offered will be similar regardless of time and location. Ultimately, the last highlight is control of people that enter the MacDonald’s via nonhuman technology (Ritzer, 1996, p. 5). Question Four It is critical that the first three dimensions if Ritzer’s highlight is appealing to customers. For instance efficiency is appealing to customers because it ensures everything happens in the right time and place thus, ascertaining customers gratification. Put simply, elements of predictability, calculability, and efficiency endow McDonald’s with a familiarity and reliability that appeals to consumers in the entire world (Ritzer, 1996, p.6)Question Five The control of people dimension of Ritzer’s highlights appeals to the corporation. This is because it enables the org...

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