Fault tolerance for web services

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The evaluation and compare between the techniques consist the following points:

1. The type of the techniques is design diverse data diverse.
2. Is the techniques recovery block or in-version programming.
3. Is the techniques is system based or application based?
4. Calculate overhead size and time for all the techniques.
5. Performance all the techniques.
6. Limitation all the techniques if you have.
And write the best techniques according the previous point


The survey project should consist of a paper that contains:
(1) A summary of work in an area, including extensive references.
(2) A statement of opinions of others for and against various options.
(3) A conclusion given your options on the strengths and weaknesses of arguments presented above. The paper should include an abstract, Literature Review, introduction, body, conclusion, and list of references. The abstract should summarize the contributions of the report in one or two paragraphs. Please add another approach if you find.
If you have any resources or materials you can added in my research.
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sample Inro

In light of the ever-increasing need for web service delivery, development of systems that will be dependable has always raised concerns to different researchers with each one offering their contributions on those systems that they suppose should best be adopted. Fault tolerance systems have been preferred due to their interoperability and ease to custom their component, which allows them to be adaptable to various settings and environments. However, development of fault tolerance systems has also been characterized by various opinions with each researchers recommending those fault system they view to best function in today’s ever-changing environment. Interestingly, each fault system presents its advantages and weaknesses, which makes it tough for these researchers to agree on one that best system that outdoes all the others

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions