Financial Accounting Issues

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Financial Accounting Issues

Knowledge and Technological Skills (KS)

1.1 Demonstrate and apply integrated discipline (including technical) knowledge across the broad field of business with depth in one or more core business disciplines

Higher Order Thinking (HO)

2.2 Exercise independent judgment and initiative in adapting and applying knowledge and skills for effective planning, problem solving and decision making in diverse contexts.

Be professional communicators in an intercultural context (PC)

3.1 Use information literacy skills, and communicate effectively and professionally in written forms and using media appropriate for diverse purposes and contexts

We will not mark assessment submitted after the due date and time without a pre-approved extension i.e. will receive a mark of zero. If special circumstances prevent you from meeting the assessment submission deadline, you can apply for an extension. If you don’t have an approved extension you should submit the work you have completed by the submission deadline and it will be marked against the assessment criteria.

Structure, format and other requirements

The Research Paper must follow this structure:

Title page

Table of contents

  1. Introduction


1.1. Purpose of the report; issues to be discussed and their significance;


research method and limitations


  1. Literature review


2.1. Corporate governance models


2.2. Islamic corporate governance and the role of the Sharia committee


  1. Discussion and analysis


3.1. Islamic corporate governance in Australia


3.2. Islamic financial products in Australia


  1. Conclusion and recommendation


  1. Reference list


  • Use Times New Roman font size 12 and double space your report.



  • You must cite at least eight scholarly sources such as published research articles, academic books, conference papers, and textbooks (note that published research articles rank highest, as they are peer reviewed). Non-academic sources such as news articles and business reports etc. will help your report and your mark, particularly in the discussion and analysis section

of the report, but their use is in addition to the minimum scholarly sources. Lecture slides


are not acceptable as a source.


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions