Focus What is the focus of the article?

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Evidence based practice in postgraduate healthcare education: A systematic review

please find the upload for the article and the questions, the answers better to be in bullet point ( the same order of the questions ) critique the paper: (1) Focus What is the focus of the article? What key words would you file this article under? Does the title reflect content? How do findings relate to practice? Tell us about the authors and their credibility? (2) Background Does the author present a reason for undertaking research? Do local problems or changes justify the study? Is there a review of previous relevant related research? Are gaps highlighted within this literature review? Is a research question placed? (3) Terms of reference What is the aim of the research? Is there a hypothesis? If there is a hypothesis, what are the dependent and independent variables? Are key concepts defined? (4) Study design Is the study Experimental? Descriptive? Action Research/ or Audit? Is it Qualitative or Quantitative? Is the methodology appropriate for purpose? (5) Data collection method Which tool has been used for data collection? Has more than one method been used to collect data? Has the author addressed reliability and validity of measuring tool? Has a pilot study been conducted? Have any limitations of the measuring tool been suggested by the author? (6) Ethical considerations Are issues of informed consent and confidentiality addressed? Was harm or discomfort which may be caused considered? Did the study pass through an ethics committee? (7) Sample Who or what makes up the sample? Are there clear inclusion and exclusion criteria? Was a method of sampling used? Are those in the sample typical or is there elements of bias? Is sample size large enough? (8) Data presentation How are results presented; tables, bar graphs, pie charts, percentages? Does the author explain and comment on these? Has the author used a correlation to establish association between variables? Have tests of significance been used to establish differences between groups? Can you make sense of results or could they have been presented better? (9) Main findings What is the most important result? What is the second most important result etc? (10) Conclusion and recommendations What is the conclusion of the study? If relevant, is the hypothesis accepted or rejected? Do results support the conclusion? What recommendations are made for practice? Are the recommendations relevant and feasible? (11) Readability How readable was this article? Is it clear or difficult to read? Was it interesting? Does it assume technical language about subject and research procedures? (12) Practice implications? What is the answer to the research question placed? Was the study worth publishing? How can you relate it to practice? Who might find it relevant? What questions does this study raise for practice and further study?
Name:Institution:Course:Tutor:Date:Evidence based postgraduate practice in healthcare educationFocusArticle focus * Improvement of attitudes, skills, knowledge and healthcare workers` (postgraduate) behaviour.Key words for filing the article * Medical services upgradingContent reflection by the article * Reflected.Relation between findings and practice * Practice is likely to improve.Authors and exhibited credibility * The authors are reliable and have effectively presented the study.BackgroundAuthor presentation of research reason * Yes. It is to minimize healthcare provision deficits.Justification of study by local problems * Justified.Availability of relevant research review which is related * Available.Gaps highlighting in the review * Highlighted.Placement of research question * Placed.Reference termsResearch aim * Patient outcomes improvement through increased healthcare attitude, skills and knowledge to...

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