Functioning Of Operating Systems

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Being an IT practitioner requires an individual to be aware of the current trends that are being adopted by computing companies and why such trends are essential to improving the workability of machines. At times, there are issues that might affect computers that may lead to halt of service delivery, yet they are simple concepts that require simple scrutiny of the available trends of technology. In this outline, we will look at three case scenarios that are common and could affect how individual interact with their computers. The case scenarios will offer a direct approach to how technicians and individuals in the current world could use their skills to ensure machines offer them a high level of service.

Scenario 1:

How to solve stability problems on Windows 7®

                Andrews (2014) and Dennis (2014) note that stability problems are always eminent to computer users and they may arise from different areas or component of the operating system and the software’s that are installed on a machine. Andrew recommends that part of understanding the troubleshooting problem is by theorizing the solution. As a technical support, my role would be to determine where these instability problems are arising from. The two suggest technicians should troubleshoot the systems as follows.

Requesting to know of the Consistent Maintenance of the Machines

            I would request the user of the machines to tell me the last time they made regular maintenance of their machines such as doing away with unwanted folders. Then, I would begin by

Shutting down the computer and restarting it to realize some of the problems that may be preventing the performance of the computer by analyzing the boot set up results. Boot setup reveals some of the hardware malfunction and how to address such problems. It also reveals software incompatibility to the system. That way, I would know where the problem arises and I would know the required quarantine.

I would then begin using the computer and abruptly close all programs that are running to notice any problem that might be arising whenever such systems are barred from running.

Another method I would apply is the Log off from the operation platform since it allows starting the computer on a clean slate. I would use this feature as it is very easy to apply.

Another feature that I would use is the troubleshooting function on the start button. This can be found when one types the name trouble. This feature allows an individual to analyze various components of the computer that may be experiencing problems.

In each of these instances I would respond with the correct measures as recommended by Microsoft.

Other tasks that I would do to ensure stability of the windows are

Ensure an Update Windows;

Updating the windows allows the computer to measure up with the current developed features of the operating systems. Updating the windows can be done through simply opening the action center of the computer and checking for the available updates that one would like their computer to have or by using the troubleshoot button.

Conducting an update of the Drivers;

            Drivers that are not up to date or obsolete may lead to instability as they do not perform well as they are expected. Most companies recommend to practitioners to ensure an update of the drivers on their computer. The same case I would do for an individual by checking whether the various drivers that are installed are up to date. I would update such drivers choosing to go to Microsoft website to check for the drivers.

Checking for Connections

Checking for connections such as the switches and external networks allows one to know what could be the result of a problem. The same check up would need to be conducted on the functionality of hardware such as the fan.

Scenario 2:

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions