Global Recruiting Strategies

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In this assignment you will compare strategies for recruiting a sales representative from two of the most rapidly growing economies outside of the United States: China and India. Imagine your company produces a hybrid scooter, which is suddenly popular because it uses solar energy exclusively and can hold a charge for over one week or 1,000 miles. This affordable transportation alternative appeals to women and men of all ages. Your sales representative will be introducing the product to these new markets, but keep in mind that the product is known through television and other media.

The initial tasks for each of these two representatives will be to set up offices in Beijing, China, and Puna, India, and to create marketing materials appropriate to their home culture and negotiate contracts with appropriate dealerships in their markets.

Web recruiting has been considered the most popular method for multinationals since around 2003. You will need a specific Web strategy as well as an onsite strategy within local cultures. Consider five main questions in developing your strategy:

  • What information will you request from applicants?
  • How will you screen for top candidates?
  • How will you interview and select your best candidate? Will you do it yourself or send someone to interview? Will you use teleconferencing or video interviews?
  • What will you do with all the data you collected from other candidates who were not selected?
  • What cultural factors will most influence your strategy?

Address these questions in a two-page paper and submit your completed work in the assignment area. Refer to the Global Recruitment Strategies Scoring Guide to ensure you meet the details of this assignment.


Everyone: This is a reminder that written assignments must be double-spaced with properly indented paragraphs, include in-text source citations and a proper reference list. Beginning with Unit 3 I will not accept assignments that do not meet these requirements

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions