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In her 2022 article, "MIT egineers develop stickers that can see inside the body "Jennifer Chu outlines an innovative new sticker develop by the team  at MIT that allow technicians to continously image internal organs without the need for the probe currently in use.Chu first explain how traditional ultrasound equipment works and what`s it`s limitations are.She then illustrate how the new stickers design can help.She outlines the way that stickers can allow technicians to monitor internal organs for up to 48 hours but points out that the current design still require patients to remain in the hospitals for monitoring.chu then goes on to describe the MIT team`s ongoing   reseach in developing wireless stickers to allow patients to wear the ultrasound patches from the comfort of home.The tutor also discuses the engineer`s attempts to incorporate artificial intelliegnce in thier design to add daignostic capability to the stickers.In sum,Chu`s articles presents the current and potential uses of a newly designed ultrasound stickers developed by a team  at MIT.    

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Qatar currently relies heavily on the burning of natural gas, a process that releases harmful gases into the atmosphere and expands finite fossil fuels ny integrating renewable energy sources to provide to at least  of its total energy usage.This report will discuss two types of renewable  energy sources, solar and wind, which could be harvested and used in Qatar. In particular,each option will discussed regarding the required technologies, their availability in Qatar, and their envoimental impact.Challengers and facility will also be considered.Based on the above mentioned criteria,Solar power will be recommended as the best option for Qatar.








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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions