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Greentek is a software solution company for Smartphone and tablet devices. Current headquarter (HQ) locates in Sydney, 30 sale team members and 50 software engineers base in Singapore and Manila respective. The cycle of apps development would start from HQ with ideas and design prototypes. The managers in HQ office will work with coders in Manila to form a full cycle of software development. When an app is ready for trial, Singapore team will test the app’s functions and ready for marketing.




You have been assigned the task to re-assess the current network and in-house hosting services; all three offices are connected with the MPLS for the VPN communication between the offices for daily tasks. Also to migrate some of the current in-house hosting services onto cloud-based to leverage apps roll out and cut down in-house maintenance cost over three offices. Your report proposal should explicitly address the following objectives:


  1. Cloud delivery and deployment models to be used for Greentek;
  2. Explain the impact on HQ, sale and development staff from your proposal;
  3. Provide a tabulation consists of cost and features comparison from five major cloud vendors that able to support Xcode and Android Studio development platform environments;
  4. Briefly describe cloud service information security features from the services cloud vendors that you proposed.


Report Format


Cover Page - this section should include Assessment No., Assessment Title, Student Name, Student ID and Student Email. Student should use the CSU sample cover page provided in your Resource folder or located in your G: drive.


Introduction - this section should contain a brief introduction of the report mentioning about all questions. This section should maximum of one A4 size page.


Answer four main objectives


References (Must be in APA style both in-text and at the end of the report). This is part of the marking rubric.




  1. Report should be submitted in MS Word (preferably) or PDF format. Please do not use any other format for your submission.
  2. Please check spelling and grammar mistakes in your report as this will be part of the marking rubric.
  3. Word limit (1200 words (-/+10%) will exclude cover page, introduction and references.
  4. All figures, tables or any other data taken from various sources must be references as per APA 6th edition style referencing.




This assessment will cover the following objectives:

  • Be able to research and apply suitable cloud service delivery on a required case;
  • Be able to identify the infrastructure, platform and service information security risk;
  • Be able to measure, indicate and categories the risk level for cloud service models.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions