HC2051 Mobile Web Applications Development

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Group Assignment
HC2051 Mobile Web Applications Development
Trimester 1 2017
Date Due: Friday Week 12, by 5:00 PM
Marks: Weighting 20%
Student Name (Block letters) Student Number:
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Group Assignment Requirements
In groups of 4 maximum
Your digital development team is one of several who have been approached by Holmes Institute to design a web app for use on mobile devices. You are to produce a professional report detailing your proposal and present your findings to the Holmes Board in the form of a demonstration of your proposal which will include any recommendations, justifications and working prototypes.
1. Design an app
Design a mobile web application for Holmes Institute Higher Education.
Based on your knowledge of the things a Higher Education student requires during their initial time at Holmes (enrolment, induction etc), and the subsequent activities that they are involved in, consider the features that the application would incorporate. Try and be as creative and inventive as possible in order to secure this lucrative project for your team
a) Describe each of the features that your app will incorporate and the functionality that it will include.
b) Produce an initial home screen design for the app displaying the proposed layout and content – this can be achieved using any drawing facility in any standard package
c) Produce a set of ‘storyboards’ to demonstrate the User Interface of one of the pieces of functionality your app will incorporate.
2. Implement the app
Using any of the software you have been exposed to in class, produce a simple prototype of your application. This does not need to be a fully working app, but needs to show basic elements of your proposed screen design, layout and limited content.
Submission Requirements
• A professionally formatted report covering those elements described in part 1 (above)
• A professional demonstration of the prototype including slides and a working version of some limited design of the user interface (maximum of 15 minutes). You will also need to pitch your ideas regarding other design features and functionality of the proposed app that you have not implemented.
You will need to submit a soft copy of your report (including any materials you intend to use in your demonstration in the appendix) via blackboard.
HC2051 Mobile Web Applications Development – Trimester 1 2017 1

Your report should not exceed 2000 words excluding appendix and references.
The assignment will include a peer assessment which may ultimately lead to each group member being awarded a different mark for the assignment.
Marking Crieteria (out of 50 marks)
Proposed Design Description of functionality/features 10
Layout and content design of home screen 7
Storyboards demonstrating proposed functionality and user interface of one specific area of the app 8
Implementation A basic prototype using appropriate software, demonstrating the User Interface 10
Report Professionally formatted document including appropriate sections, references and bibliography 5
Demonstration Professionally organised, good timing, pitch and presentation style, appropriate content 10
HC2051 Mobile Web Applications Development –

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