Health Care Access: Identify community clinics in your area. Visit or call one and ask what services they provide.

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Sleuthing Journal on Current Health Promotion Term Paper


Sleuthing Journal on Current Health Promotion  
In this assignment, students research a specific community. It can be the one in which they work or live, or any defined area, nationally or internationally. The selection of the geographic area should be based on the availability of appropriate data for analysis. For example, in the United States, there is a wealth of data at the county level, but not at the city level.  [Students may use the same geographic area for the Proactive Health Communication Plan.] 
For each category below, explore your community and document completion of each task. Documentation can be photographs, bus tickets, receipts, flyers, promotional materials, etc.  Compile your documentation into an electronic format of your choice. Ten points are given for completion and ten points for documentation of each step. 
1. Health Care Access: Identify community clinics in your area. Visit or call one and ask what services they provide. 2. Local Public Health Services: Are Public Health services at the city, county, and/or state level? What services are provided? 3. Vaccination Rates:  How does the vaccination rate for children entering school compare to national statistics? If a family has no health insurance, where can their children be vaccinated? Where can you get a flu shot? How much does it cost? 4. Disaster Planning: How has your community prepared for disaster? Do you know where to go or what to do? 5. Health Education/Promotion:  Find examples of health messages in the community. They could be in billboards, bus signs, warning labels, etc.




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Sleuthing Journal on Current Health Promotion


Health promotion is considered a critical aspect that affects the health sector, with its goals pegged on increasing control in improving the health status of medical facilities. Several states are currently adjusting to the promotion of health within their facilities, an aspect that necessitates the need to understand better procedures and methods of managing the disease. Health promotion is therefore considered as an art and science that health institutions take in aiding people to discover the synergies between their optimal health and fundamental passions in enhancing their motivation to strive for improved care and supporting them in changing their behaviors and lifestyles in a bid to move to an optimal health status (Beale & Kittredge, 2014). In other words, optimal health as detailed denotes a dynamic balance between emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and intellectual health. It is additionally vital to establish that the changes in lifestyle facilitated by a combination of learning efforts remain of the essence. This paper consequently seeks to develop a sleuthing journal on the current element of health promotion.

Sleuthing Journal of Current Health Promotion

As detailed, the primary rationale for health promotion remains in the prev...

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