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MGT710 Advanced Human Resource Management

L.O.1 Evaluate demographic trends in New Zealand’s workforce and the implications for organisations and the Human Resource function.
L.O.3 Evaluate current approaches to employee professional development and assess how they support an organisation in meeting its strategic objectives.
L.O.4 Evaluate the factors that affect employee engagement. Research the link between employee engagement and organisational results and discuss the implications for the HR function
1. Conduct some research into the generation known as ‘Generation Z’. Discuss any demographic and attitudinal differences with previous generations and evaluate the likely implications for HRM. (750 words)
2. Critically evaluate The Warehouse’s engagement strategy as outlined in the following case study. Include in your evaluation:
a) What you believe are the key success factors in their strategy, and why.
b) What alternative strategies you believe The Warehouse could implement to improve employee engagement in their younger workforce. Relate this to professional development and you may also focus on driving engagement through other HRM mechanisms such as reward etc. Discuss and provide reasons for your answer.
c) How well you think The Warehouse measures and evaluates its engagement results. Say why. (350 words)
A thousand young Kiwis not currently in employment, training or education will get a foot on the job ladder thanks to a new programme being rolled out by The Warehouse and the Ministry of Social Development.
Announced today, The Warehouse ‘Red Shirts in Community’ programme allows young people aged 16 - 24 to gain work experience at a local Warehouse store. Participants receive training in retail customer service, communication skills, personal presentation, stock management, and basic Health and Safety. It is believed to be the largest employer-led youth employment initiative in the country.
here there is the opportunity, participants can also earn credits towards a National Certificate in Retail (Level 2 NCEA) and a Customer Service Award from The Warehouse. All participants receive a certificate of participation and a verbal reference which can then be used as part of the job seeking process. David Benattar, Group Chief Experience Officer at The Warehouse, said the initial pilot focused on areas with high youth unemployment: Kaitaia, Whanganui and Wellington. “Of the pilot, 70 per cent of the participants gained some form of paid employment within three months of completing the programme, which speaks to its’ success,” he said. 20-year-old Taylor Booth participated in the Wellington Red Shirts pilot programme and now works in the Online Team at the Lyall Bay store. She said the experience made her feel ‘more like a responsible adult.’ “I like how every day is different and fast paced, you get asked all types of interesting questions.” She enjoyed getting to see ‘behind the scenes’ in the store and learning from the team members. Mr Benattar says the change in participants over the course of the programme is remarkable. “Often when they first arrive with us they are very shy. To see their communication skills and confidence improve over the three weeks they spend with us is awesome.” The programme was developed as part of The Warehouse Group’s mission to help New Zealanders flourish and formed an important part of their Community and Environment Strategy, he said
“This is a very practical way that we are using our expertise and scale to directly benefit the youth of New Zealand. And the great thing is we know this programme has a positive ripple effect right through the community.” The Warehouse Group. (2017, July 17). Helping young Kiwis to get work ready.
Accelerator youth training programme launches at The Warehouse The Warehouse today announced that its successful ‘Red Shirts in the Community’ programme will be the first training programme made available on the new digital learning platform ‘Accelerator.’ Accelerator was launched this morning by the Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni at The Warehouse Royal Oak. Accelerator has been jointly developed by The Warehouse, the Ministry of Social Development and Youth Hub as a digital environment for young people to access on-the-job workplace training programmes and connect with potential employers. It will also be the largest public-private partnership of its kind working on social inclusion and youth development in New Zealand. “We have seen some really positive outcomes for the young people who have completed our ‘Red Shirts in the Community’ programme,” said Pejman Okhovat, Chief Executive of The Warehouse. Accelerator builds on the successful Red Shirts in The Warehouse which has seen more than 1100 young people complete the programme since 2017. “It will give young people the flexibility to learn when and where they want, give them access to extra support if they need it and be able to connect with other young people in the on-the-job training programmes,” said Viv Rickard, Deputy Chief Executive of Ministry of Social Development. The technology and infrastructure behind Accelerator has been designed by Youth Hub: a platform which helps young people create online profiles to connect with potential employers and service providers as they enter the working world. “Accelerator makes workplace learning fun thanks to the gamification of the training modules,” says founder Senthil Perumal. “The Warehouse has taken a proactive approach in developing its online training and we’re excited to get more great Kiwi companies onboard.” Red Shirts in the Community will be the first training module on Accelerator but once it has been successfully delivered as a digital programme, MSD will extend it to other sectors and employers.
Accelerator Accelerator is a digital platform for young people to access on-the-job training programmes and connect with potential employers in a blended learning environment that incorporates gamification of content and a mentoring component along with the opportunity to experience work. Accelerator will recruit participants through Youth Hub’s online platform and provide access to training modules as well as offering 3 months follow up pastoral care support from an ITO (SkillsNZ) to participants as they complete their training and prepare work-ready documents for themselves such as CVs and references. Participants are then supported through the Youth Hub website to continue building upon their profiles, upskill themselves and search for employment opportunities. Red Shirts in the Community will be the first on-the-job training programme on Accelerator but once it has been successfully delivered as a digital programme, MSD will extend the programme to other sectors and large employers
The Warehouse Red Shirts in the Community Programme The Warehouse Red Shirts in Community programme launched a programme for young New Zealanders aged 16 – 24 not currently in employment, education or training to experience work. More than 1100 young people have been through the programme since its commencement in 2016. On the Warehouses Red Shirts in the Community Programme participants spend three weeks in a Warehouse store, receiving training in retail customer service, communication skills, personal presentation, stock management and basic health and safety. The programme provides in-store workplace training and credits towards NCEA Levels 1 & 2. Youth Hub Youth Hub is an online platform described as “the LinkedIn for youth” where young people can set up profiles to connect with prospective employers, tertiary providers, schools, educators and youth service providers. Their online CVs become their pathway to the professional world beyond school. Using a familiar user experience, Youth Hub allows young people to create their Personal Brand by allowing them to record their education to employment journey with images, videos, texts and posts. By adding a career wish list, requesting testimonials for soft skills and sharing their interests, they create a dynamic and living CV to be shared with employers. Youth Hub aims to help sculpt a skilled, informed, and engaged workforce while levelling the playing field for all young people across New Zealand. The Warehouse Group. (2019, February 8). Accelerator youth training programme launches at The Warehouse.

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