How can it be applied to nursing?

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1. After reviewing the Institute of Medicine (IOM) website (, describe the IOM report framework for healthcare quality. How can it be applied to nursing? How can it be applied to your actual work setting? 2. Search the American Nurses Association (ANA) website for workplace safety ( ) and select a publication on workplace safety. Review the document (publication), include the URL, and discuss implications for you and your work setting. Please use one reference for each question.
SafetyNameInstitutionThis paper is divided into two parts, and it aims at evaluating safety issues related to the nursing profession. Part 1 evaluates how IOM`s report framework for healthcare quality can be applied in the nursing profession. Part two will critique an article retrieved from the American Nurses Association, and evaluate how it is related to work place safety.Part one: IOM Report Framework for Healthcare QualityThe Institute of Medicine (IOM) plays a significant role in the provision of unbiased on authoritative information to the public and stakeholders in the healthcare industry. IOM is part of the four entities which make up the National academies. IOM is charged with the responsibility of asking and answering questions which are concerned with the provision of healthcare in the US. The information provided by IOM enables stakeholders in the healthcare industry to make informed decisions (IOM, 2012). IOM is often...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions