How can your policy be effectively communicated to employees?

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QSC Audio CSR Program


you will analysis of that company(QSC Audio) I will attach a file exactly what the instructions the professor need to be done . thanks . best regards.

IF YOUR COMPANY does not have a CSR Program


Create a CSR program for the organization. Look to competitors or other similar organizations for the types of CSR programs that they have implemented. Be sure that the program you create is not a carbon copy of what others are doing, but that it is unique to your organization. Your program must contain the following:


Section 1: Describe the causes and/or groups that best fit the organization with regard to CSR. 3 points


Section 2: Write an actual program for your organizationCreate specific, concrete options that could be implemented and that embody what is important to the organization with regard to social responsibility. This can be done in paragraphs or bullet points-whichever form you believe would work best for your organization. 5 points


Section 3: Provide examples from CSR policies at other similar organizations and suggest steps and necessary resources for the implementation of your CSR policy. 5 points

  • How can your policy be effectively communicated to employees?
  • What resources are necessary for its implementation?


Section 4: What did you learn from completing this assignment that you didn’t know previously? What observations/links to the overall course did you see? 5 points


Use correct spelling, punctuation, grammar: 2 points


QSC Audio CSR Program Name: Institution: Date: Introduction Founded more than four decades ago by Pat Quilter, Barry Andrews and John Andrews, today QSC is one of the companies that have a global presence in professional audio systems designing and manufacturing. The company produces some of the best loud speakers, digital signal processing units, power amplifiers and even digital mixers in the industry. They offer compelling solutions for clients that want portable systems, professional equipment, cinema sounds and production systems across the globe. The company has heavily invested in stream lined parts procurement; computer precision assemblies as well as rigorous testing mechanisms to make sure that the products are made to order. This way the company has the ability to give the customers what they want with a high precision. The company has other branches in china, Tennessee and in Belgium but the main headquarters and manufacturing units are in Costa Mesa in California. CSR In light of the support that the company has had over the years from the society, it is indebted to give back as a show of good faith to the community. QSC Audio plans to offer sustainable benefits to the community through a series of steps included in the corporate social responsibility. Section one One of the sections of people that stand to benefit from the program is the st


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions