How do individuals of different ages utilize technology?

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How do individuals of different ages utilize technology? 

  • My topic is on technology. My research question and title is as shown above. I have done 3 interviews. Wanted to see the difference in age thus the ages are 21, 73 and 56. Don’t know If I should use pseudonyms for the participants as it is anonymous. If so, 21 = Anna, 73 = Paul and 56 = Eric. I want to use Interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) for my analysis. My participants were recruited through opportunity sampling. The interviews were semi-structured. My BPS  Ethics form was approved. Here are some of the details:

Description of topic including research question (150 words max):

The research question is: ‘How do individuals of different ages utilize technology?’. It aims to identify how technology is used by people of different ages and what effect it has on their life. Three participants of varying ages will be interviewed to investigate this question.


Recruitment strategy (You must not interview a close family member or close friend):

The participants will be recruited through opportunity sampling.

Strategy if participant experiences adverse reactions to topic:

The interview will be stopped immediately and the participant will be reminded of their right to withdraw. The participant will be given sufficient time to prepare themselves if they wish to carry on with the interview. No emotionally provoking questions will be asked of the participant. Once the interview is over, the participant will be debriefed and told they should not hesitate to get in touch with one of the researchers should they feel they need further support.

Also it is anonymous. All participants had to be over 18. 

Abstract (100)

Introduction and research aims (800)

Outline the topic

Relevant research and theory

Additionally in this section :

  • Identify gaps in previous research

            Critical evaluate all the way through your Intro will help you do this

  • Say why it is important to fill these gaps

            Use other, related research to show this

  • Say how your research will fill  the gap

Method (600)


Analysis and Discussion (900)


        Introductory paragraph

        Summarise analysis and state number of themes

        Prepare your reader for the rest of the section

The themes for IPA are temporality, spatiality, embodiment and intesubjectivity. While going through the transcripts, I found difficulty finding any embodiment, so If my writer cannot find any, that is fine, the other themes can just be in more detail. If from each theme there is a common theme arising from the transcript, use it as a subheading under the mains ones eg. Temporality. For each theme:

        Give an introductory sentence explaining what the theme is about

        Provide first extract, explain how it relates to the theme

        Provide second extract, explain how it relates to the theme

        Make it clear how theme links to Research Q

        Link theme back to past research/theory


Reflexivity (100) Show you understand reflexivity.

Position of researcher , and how that may have interacted with the topic

What choices may have been affected by your position


Harvard Referencing

Appendices (ethics form, 1 page of interview)


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions