How emotional intelligence of politicians affect their personal aids and how personal aids react

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This research proposal investigates how emotional intelligence of political leaders affects the people around them especially their personal assistants. The study develops a model that establishes the correlation between the politician’s emotional intelligence and the behavior and emotions of their personal assistants. The study will be keen to establish the reactions of the politician’s personal aids towards the emotions of their masters. The results of this study will be derived from conducting preliminary research on a sample of political leaders as well as their aids. Effects of emotional intelligence on the behavior of the selected political leaders’ personal aids will consequently be established.

Literature Review

            This proposed literature review deliberates on specific books and academic journals that have been written in the light of emotional intelligence in political leaders and its effects to their political assistants and other people surrounding them. This review puts into consideration the results established by previous studies on the area of research and the recommendations provided therein. The literature also seeks to provide proper definition to specific key terms of the research. It is through the review of literature that specific areas of ontology will be reviewed and consequent epistemology in relation to the area of study.

Goleman (2009) defines emotional intelligence as a set of competencies which includes the ability to assume the emotions in oneself as well as in other people, the ability to use emotions to influence performance, having complete knowledge in emotions and the how to control them oneself and others. The idea of emotional intelligence has contributed positively to political leadership. Goleman developed a well crafted model which indicates how emotional intelligence is endowed by people, mostly the leaders in the society. The model divides intelligence into personal and social competence. The area of personal competence is concerned with a person’s awareness of oneself and management of self. Self awareness involves understanding your own feelings while self management succeed self-awareness in…”

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