How Reading Fosters Language Development Article Critique

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How Reading Fosters Language Development Article Critique


Provide a very thorough, clear and concise summary of the article context and content. Please use the following format: 
What is known and unknown? Why is this research topic important? What ecological understanding required?
Summarize the paper
What were the objectives of the author? What did they do? Findings? How does this paper contribute new information? 
What are your feelings about the paper and the arguments discussed? Why? What authors can you draw on that validate your own ideas? What points do they make that mirror your thinking or observation? Do you see any problems? Alternatives? Conclusions? Recommendations?
Clarity and economy of writing 
How does the article read and sound? Is it befitting of the audience? Is the language clear and concise? Does the author use multiple sources to substantiate points made?
Please use this particular BOOK in your reference among others: EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY BY WOOLFORK WINNIE PERRY, 6th Canadian Edition Pearson Toronto. Focus on Chapter 5.


Article Review






The element of reading has been for the longest time been established through research that it improves the language abilities of a person (Dickinson, Griffith, Golinkoff, & Hirsh-Pasek, 2012). It is recommended that that one keeps reading books at all stages of their life to make sure their brain is always growing and enhancing the various connections between the different bites of information that one interacts with. It is common for children to be introduced to reading material in their early ages. This article brings out the basic advantages that are associated with children being introduced to learning material at a young age. This is with some expected aspect of better language development among the children and more importantly their ability to interact with educational m


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions