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L.A. Metro Transit System

this is a report that should tackle the following question: 1. How to get around the city – Los Angeles using public transportation (metro bus and train) 2. How to use the Metro Website 3. How much it will cost? Is it more cost effective than driving ? 4. Is it convenient for elderly and disable person? 5. Would you recommend using the Metro going to work? 6. Disadvantage and advantage using public utilities?
NameInstructorCourseDateL.A. Metro Transit SystemLos Angeles public transport is easy and adequate travel any distance or across the city lines. The LA metro offers significant travel services ranging from rail to road and this make it easy to connect with other major transport systems. The metro rail is a rapid rail system which consists of six separate lines in the LA County. The rail systems connect to metro bus rapid transport and commuter metro rail.The different rail lines are defined by the route and the set of stations which are served by the route. These routes are distinguished by use of colors which have been used to distinguish these lines on the metro maps. Moreover, the metro service also uses color to distinguish its metro liner services which operate in transit ways. The metro red line connects the central LA with north Hollywood as it passes through other neighborhoods in Hollywood (Sesser, 2009). The metro purple runs from central LA to Korea town and mid-Wilshire. The blue line runs between the financial district and central LA and long beach serving other neighborhoods in the central region of the county. The metro green line serves the Redondo Beach and Norwalk add other neighborhoods in between. The gold ...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions