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Final Report Assignment Sheet

  • Summarize the intern’s activities throughout the semester;
  • Analyze the activities and knowledge gained as measured against initial objectives below:
  • Apply contemporary Rhetoric/Composition theories in developmental reading and writing to construct appropriate and effective activities in their ENGL 100 lab sections, with the guidance of their ENGL 470/HUEL 473 instructor.
  • Articulate clearly the connections between Rhetoric/Composition theories and the assignments and classroom activities in which their ENGL 100 lab students engaged throughout the semester.
  • Informally assess (interns do NOT formally evaluate ENGL 100 students) and report on (via journal entries, mid-semester and end-of-semester documents, and classroom discussions) their ENGL 100 students’ reading and writing development as measured by the ENGL 100 course outcomes and the intern’s understanding of the Rhetoric/Composition theories they’ve studied.
  • Effectively manage students’ behavior in their assigned lab sections to achieve the optimum learning environment for the students.
  • Collaborate with other interns, part-time lab instructors, the ENGL 100 Coordinator, and full-time ENGL 100 faculty to develop, assess, and revise ENGL 100 lab strategies and activities.
  • Demonstrate professional attitudes and behaviors that invite collaboration with colleagues and enhance students’ learning.
  • Maintain accurate records of their ENGL 100 students’ development and attendance.
    • Analyze the value of the internship to the student’s personal and career objectives;
    • Make recommendations for the improvement of the internship experience;
    • Provide examples of materials used and/or produced during the internship. Be selective.
    • Respond briefly to “Principles of Effective Writing Instruction,” e.g., How does the text affect your perception of composition? How does it change your understanding of composition pedagogy?

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions